5 Reasons To Do Virtual Field Trips

Thinking about your next field trip and feeling exhausted by the thought of it? You’re not alone! Field trips are fun but they are overwhelming, to say the least. With so much to coordinate and do, they leave teachers and students alike completely worn out by the end of the day. 

This is why I have always preferred virtual field trips!  I know what you may be thinking, what is that?! Virtual field trips are a new way to experience new places with your students without leaving the comfort of your classroom. 

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How do you do a virtual field trip?

Using technology! Start by deciding where you want to go. Do you want a virtual field trip to the zoo? Virtual field trip to space? Virtual field trip to a museum? All of these are totally possible! Set the tone in your classroom by turning off the lights (or having students do it from home if doing it while distance learning!) and you can either do a virtual tour using a free website or get a resource to use with Google Classroom.  

Here are the top reasons you should do virtual field trips

  1. You don’t have to leave the classroom. It is so much work to leave the school! You have to get your field trip approved, send out notices, plan ahead, arrange bus transportation, parent permission, etc. By staying in the classroom for your field trip, you skip all of that extra work and get straight to the fun stuff. 
  2. You’re not exhausted. It’s no secret that field trips are tiring. Organizing a trip for tons of kids would wear anyone out. Save some energy by making it fun right where you are! 
  3. No permission slips to worry about. Chasing down permission slips is one of the not-so-fun parts of field trips. You can’t take students out of the school without them, but hunting them down can be a chore. No permission slips are needed when you stay at school! 
  4. Student engagement increases. Framing the day as a field trip, even if you are in the classroom, is guaranteed to get students excited and ready for an adventure! 
  5. Cheaper than going somewhere. Field trips are fun but they cost money! Cut out all that money and keep it cost-effective by investing in a couple of virtual options that students will love. 

What are some good virtual field trips? 

If you’re looking for virtual field trips for kids that you can do easily from your classroom, you’re in the right place. You can take a “trip” anywhere that students would want to go that can be educational. This means the zoo, space, camping, the beach, Egypt, etc! 

If you want to kick your virtual field trip up a notch and get all of the educational activities done for you, I have you covered! 

This camping field trip is the perfect way to get your students engaged. 

camping virtual field trip preview

Use these interactive, editable Google Slides to easily have students copy and paste movable parts, learn about CAMPING, safety tips, what to bring on a trip and so much more!

virtual field trip to go camping preview

What is in this download?

28 Google Slides with Titles, Edit Text Boxes, Directions, Movable Parts 

  • KWL Chart
  • Packing A Suitcase for the Trip
  • 1 Minute Take OFF Flight Video
  • 9-minute Camping Field Trip Video (Car Ride to the Campsite, Camping Adventure)
  • Sequencing Events, 3 Writing Prompts, Counting Objects (under 10), Labeling Parts, Going on a BEAR HUNT Song, and Comprehension Questions
  • One extra slide for you to add anything you would like to the lesson. (videos or an assignment)
  • Home Connection Optional Assignment for students to design a map with a map key. 
  • Black and white ink-saving Writing Pages and Home Connection Page for in-person teaching.
virtual field trip camping preview

If you love this idea, make sure to check out my other virtual field trips here! You can take a trip to the beach, the zoo, a wizard school, and more!

To learn more about virtual field trips, check out my post here!

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