Disguise A Turkey Digital Thanksgiving Activity

November is such a great time of year. Turkeys everywhere, delicious food, and the start of Christmas decor! 

As a teacher, it is especially fun because you get to do lots of turkey and Thanksgiving-themed activities with the kiddos. 

Students love making pilgrim hats, completing this Thanksgiving escape room, creating turkey headbands, and even performing a Thanksgiving play! 

These are all amazing for increasing student engagement throughout November, but one of my favorite activities was always the Disguise a Turkey activity.

Every year, I would have students disguise a naked turkey so it wouldn’t get eaten on Thanksgiving Day. It’s so fun! Students are sent home with the turkey printable and work with their families to come up with creative disguises. We got some cool disguised turkeys! Then students would practice their creative writing skills by writing about them. 

It was a hit! But then the pandemic hit, and I was so sad that students wouldn’t be able to do this project. However, I found a way to use Google Slides to provide a digital version with a printables so students would never have to miss out on this fun activity. 

So now students can disguise their turkey while distance learning! 

This Thanksgiving activity is available on Google Slides

Disguise a turkey Thanksgiving Activity Preview

These interactive, editable slides make it easy to have students copy and paste movable parts to DISGUISE a TURKEY! 

Turkey Thanksgiving Activity Preview

After coming up with the perfect disguise, they get to write a narrative opinion story about their turkey. 

I love this activity because it is not only educational, but it allows students to engage in some creative holiday fun. They’ll get 9 backgrounds to choose from, 6 slides with movable parts, 5 slides for students to brainstorm, organize thoughts, and write a story about their disguised turkey, and black and white slides for students to digitally or handwrite stories.

Thanksgiving Activity background options preview

You can even add some animation and music to it while in Present mode! Afterward, you can print these out to decorate your classroom or make a slideshow so everyone can see it virtually. 

Check out the video tutorial here! 

Thanksgiving Activity turkey pin image


Free Activities for Teaching Forms of Energy

Teaching sound, light, and energy is an important part of early elementary education. Energy is all around us! The sun that shines down on us, the food we eat, the lights in our home. Understanding forms of energy is essential knowledge to have to understand the way the world works. 

Getting our kindergarten, first, or second grade students to understand this concept can be really fun if done right! 

When teaching with younger students, just remember to take it slow to start. This lesson can get a little overwhelming. Explain what energy actually is first, and then introduce examples (sound, heat, light). 

After that, you can read some books on the topic of energy. This is a great way to add variety to your lesson and increase comprehension. 

Then make it fun with science experiments! This is a great time for some hands-on learning. Think Diet Coke and Mentos eruptions or popsicle stick chain reaction activities. These are a great way to see forms of energy in motion. 

For more tips for teaching forms of energy, check out my post here. 

One of my favorite ways to do that is to use these free forms of energy activities.

forms of energy

These printable activities are easy and fun for kindergarten or first grade students. 

Included in this free resource you’ll get:

  • HOME CONNECTION – Parent Project
  • Energy – List the items that produce energy
  • Heat & Light Energy Mini-book
  • I Spy SOUND objects
  • What is energy? POSTER

forms of energy

If you want more, you can check out the full resource here. It covers Sound, Heat, and Light with a 3-week plan including 3 inquiry lessons, data notebook pages, a rubric, a home project, and so much MORE!

These activities are great for helping your early elementary students really understand the topic of energy in a  fun and engaging way! They will love learning and it will set them up for success in later grades.

What are your favorite ways to teach about forms of energy? Let me know in the comments! forms of energy


An Exciting Digital Escape Room For High School Students!

I know it is not normal for this elementary teacher to produce a high school product, but I have high school children who were bored because of the pandemic!

 My daughter and her friends all asked me to make a fun digital escape room for them like I do for kindergarten. So, I thought no problem!

 Well, let me tell you, since I have no clue about high school curriculum, this took me a lot of painful research and time to create for these high school students to enjoy for about 30 minutes. 

But, it is one of my favorite resources because of the research and seeing the joy on the kids faces while they solved the clues together.  

This one is an extension activity to the short story The Lottery by Shirley Jackson.  I can’t believe I never read this story before or that it is something they read regularly in high school, but it is a great piece of literature! 

The escape room I created is great for high school students because it is digital.

digital escape

 So students can do it in the classroom or from home while distance learning or as homework. 

To get started, students will read the short story. When they start the escape, they will be tasked with helping Mrs. Hutchinson to escape The Lottery to change her fate. 

There is a pdf included in this download with directions, the link to the site, an answer key and an optional note taking worksheet for students. This extension activity takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

digital escape

To complete this escape room, students will: 

  • Read about Shirley Jackson and answer questions
  • Solve a Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Watch a YouTube video and answer questions about The Lottery
  • Complete a slide puzzle
  • Solve clues to unlock 4 locks

digital escape

You can easily share the link in Google Classroom. Students can complete this activity on Chromebooks, laptops, on an iPad or in a computer lab. They can work individually or together for a fun group activity! 

Check it out here!

digital escape

For more escape room ideas, check out my post here! 


Free Fall Printables To Try This Season!

Fall is officially here and it is one of my favorite times of the year! Pulling out the pumpkins, fall leaves, and other fall classroom decor is so fun.

Another thing I love about it is that students are just like little sponges this time of year! They are so ready to learn all we have to teach. Maybe it is the beginning of the year, maybe it is the excitement of the season, but either way, I love it!

In honor of this magical time of year, I wanted to share a couple of FREE fall printables you can do with your students!

Each of these printables is perfectly paired with some colorful bingo daubers for some hands-on fall-themed fun!

fall printables

The first activity is this Pumpkin Dot Art printable resource. Students can let their creativity flow by decorating their pumpkins in whatever colors they like. This makes a great brain break during the fall months!

You’ll also get the Apple Dot Numbers Math activity. Students will practice their numbers and math skills while creating some gorgeous artwork!

I love these activities because they can be used alone to practice math skills or to add more engagement and variety to your math centers.

My favorite type of classroom decor is the kind that showcases students’ talents and hard work. This resource is great for that! You can use students’ completed fall art to make a beautiful fall wall display!

Get these fall printables completely FREE here. 

If you are looking for more printables like these, they also come in a huge fall math and literacy centers bundle. Included you’ll get over 50 pages of no-prep printable fall activities and worksheets for pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade students. Check it out here! 

fall printables

For more fall fun, check out these fall crafts that tie in with books!