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It’s that time of year again! Time to get classrooms set up for a brand new year. One of the most important parts of setting up your classroom is the schedule. If you are an elementary teacher looking for some inspiration for how you can help your students understand the daily schedule, you’re in the right place. 

For younger students, I highly recommend a daily visual schedule! Having a daily visual schedule for kindergarten or first grade students will help your students follow along with the daily routine, transition to the next task, and understand what to expect- which can be comforting for any students who are still a little nervous about school. 

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What is a daily visual schedule? 

This is a schedule that you can set up for each day that includes visuals so your students, who may not be comfortable readers yet, can understand what to expect for the day. 

How do you create a visual schedule? 

It can be as simple as creating what you want using Word or Google Docs or you can skip all of the work and find a daily visual schedule template online that fits in with your style and classroom decor. 

I created this Daily Classroom Schedule Resource to make it easier than ever! 

visual schedule template preview

These editable cards make it simple to customize your schedule to fit your individual needs. 

Use these cards on a pocket chart, wall, or magnetic board to easily edit and move your schedule around. Allow students to take a card to the next task if they have trouble transitioning.

visual schedule example

What is in this download?

  • 42 Editable PowerPoint Slides (*Make sure you have PowerPoint)
  • Black and White with Clocks (moveable hands and text boxes provided)
  • Cursive and Print for Intermediate or Primary Classrooms
  • Blank Cards
  • Directions with Suggested Fonts
  • Pictures Cards include ( A+, apple, backpack, chalkboard, books, bell, lunch, milk, glue, globe, clock, crayons, owl, grad hat, paint pallet, paintbrush, bookworm, bus, pencil, pen, check, bell, stars, scissors, beaker, music, paper airplane, protractor, data journal, music, magnets, locker, glasses, light bulb, ruler, flask, heart, sun, tent, music notes, tie, flashlight, plant, tie, test tube)
visual schedule pictures example

I hope you love this daily visual schedule for school! I love that it is so versatile and can be adjusted to fit whatever your needs are. 

For more daily schedule options, check out my Boho Rainbow Visual Schedule here, and check out my post here.

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