Desk Pets: A Unique and Fun Classroom Management System

Have you heard of Desk Pets? They’re all the rage right now, and for good reason! They are a fun, effective, and creative classroom management and positive reinforcement system. 

What are Desk Pets? 

Simply put, Desk Pets for school are the adorable little animal erasers you can buy in bulk on websites like Amazon and use in the classroom as something students can purchase when they do a good job. You can find farm animals, ocean animals, and so much more! 

Students can earn Desk Pets Dollars to put towards the adoption of their Desk Pet. Once they have their animal chosen and adopted, they can save up for some Desk Pet accessories and habitats! 

I love Desk Pets because they can be used in all elementary and even middle school grades! You don’t have to be a young student to appreciate how fun they are. 

desk pets

Why do teachers use desk pets? 

These cute critters can be used to teach or assist with so many things. Responsibility, science, brain breaks, literature… the list goes on! They are an excellent incentive for following rules and being safe, respectful, and responsible in the classroom. 

Are Desk Pets effective? 

Yes! When you set up your Desk Pet adoption center, the pets will be on display as a reminder for students of the rewards of doing the right thing and motivating them to do their best. Research shows that this positive reinforcement system is not only effective but fun! 

Are you ready to set up a Desk Pets center in your classroom? You’re in luck! You can try my free starter kit here! 

This resource includes free printables to help you get started on your journey with this exciting behavior management system. 

You’ll get information on what Desk Pets are, an adoption application editable PowerPoint, labels for your adoption center and hotel, writing prompts, a zoo habitat for your pet, instructions for creating the habitat, and so much more! 

If you try it out and decide you love it, make sure to check out my full Desk Pet resource! 

Here’s everything included! 

  • Google Slides Virtual Link for Virtual Pet Option
  • Classroom Management Tips
  • What is a Desk Pet 
  • Parent Letter About Desk Pet Pals
  • Classroom and HOME Adoption Certificate (Students can earn many points to do a Permanent Home Adoption for an option.)
  • Behavior Contracts, Charts, and Desk Pet Point Log
  • How to Earn Money (Pre-made or Editable Option)
  • Desk Pet Rules (Premade or Editable Option)
  • Pet Point Contract, Small Adoption Certificates
  • Pet Store Price List 
  • Signs for (Daycare, Pet Store, The Pound, Adoption Center, Hospital, The Vet, Hotel)
  • Writing Prompts (Narrative, Opinion, Persuasive, and Caring for a Pet) Primary Lined, Intermediate Lined, and a Digital Text Box Option is Provided for each prompt.
  • Pet Personality Poster
  • Chart and Graph Earned Points (This is for 5 weeks of data collection for individual students who need extra help with behavior.)
  • Venn Diagram to Compare Pets
  • Desk Pet Journal Options (1/2 Page, run copy cut and staple or do it digitally.)
  • Habitat Color Sheets for Selling (Camping, School, Wizard, Safari, Zoo, Dinosaur, Fairytale, Knights, and a BLANK editable page for students to design their own habitat.)
  • On a Happy Note (Note to parents for good behavior)
  • 3 Types of Desk Pet Dollars
  • UPPER ELEMENTARY Options with cursive writing.
  • Labels
  • Blank Templates for Editing and Personalizing
  • PHOTOS of Set Up & Directions on How to Cut and Fold Habitats

This extensive resource includes 80+ Editable PowerPoint Slides, 80+ Editable Google Slides for a Virtual Option, Cursive and Print for Intermediate or Primary Classrooms, Blank Labels to Edit and Add Your Own Colors if needed, Directions with Suggested Fonts, and Pictures of How to Set Up Your Adoption Area.

For more on Desk Pets, check out my post here! 

Have you heard about this popular classroom management system? Let me know in the comments!

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