How To Teach Students To Be A Good Citizen

We teach many things in the primary grades like math, writing, and reading. Apart from that, we also teach things like social skills, listening, following directions, and how to be kind. Another important subject to teach is how to be a good citizen. 

Students can be good citizens by following rules, being responsible, helping others, being respectful, and making good decisions. This doesn’t come naturally to younger learners, so we must remember this concept and include it in our lessons. 

I created my Civics and Government resource to help teach about rules and the importance of being a good citizen! 


This resource covers many concepts that will give students a strong foundation. They’ll learn how to become good citizens by teaching them about rules and laws, conflicts, and fair decisions in a fun and engaging way. It has a tattle tale lesson plan, interactive notebook pages, posters, center activities, and a Write the Room Activity.


Included in this resource you’ll get 9 full weeks of lesson plans including: 

  • Weekly detailed lesson plans for 9 Weeks
  • Home Connection parent letter
  • American History journal cover
  • Word Bank for the Journal
  • KWL
  • Printables to insert as a journal or use individually covering 9 weeks of American history
  • Rubric for the journal 
  • Nine interactive notebook pages (suggested to do once a week on Fridays)
  • An optional Interactive Notebook (If you don’t already have a spiral started for students to create their interactive pages.)
  • Classroom posters
  • Primary source activity
  • Months of the year (What Comes Next)
  • Write the Room activity
  • Sort the Pictures (rules vs laws)
  • Tattle Tale Officer – Teach students the difference of being helpful or hurtful
  • Big Problem, Medium Problem, Small Problem Posters


These activities can be used on their own or in centers! After this unit, students will understand how to be good citizens and the importance and value of rules. Check it out here! 

Looking for more resources for elementary? Check out these engaging geography activities! 

In what ways do you like to teach students to be good citizens? Let me know in the comments!



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