50th Day of School | 50s HAT | Root Beer Float | Writing


Celebrate the 50th day of school with these fun 50s printables.


Searching for some activities to help your class celebrate the 50th Day of school in 50s style? Check out this adorable 50s soda shop hat! It’s simple to assemble and includes a root beer float recipe, math & writing activities, and a craft.

What’s in this download? (12 Pages)

  • 1 Red Soda Shop Hat
  • 1 Black and White Soda Shop Hat (to color or save on ink)
  • 1 Root Beer Float Recipe
  • Ask a friend about their float worksheet. (Tally Marks and Graphing)
  • Count to 50 by 5s with ice cream scoops.
  • Label the Matter (liquid, solid gas) Root Beer Float
  • Root Beer Float Craftivity
  • Writing (primary, intermediate) How to make a root beer float.
  • Photos of hat & craftivity

* Just add white tissue paper to the top of the hat.



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