All About Plants | Parts of Plants | Life-Cycle


Your students will love learning all about plants with these printables! Hands-on activities, a journal to collect data, worksheets, and more!



Looking for plenty of printables and fun inquiry lessons to keep your kiddos engaged in learning ALL ABOUT PLANTS? I have you covered with this 3-week unit loaded full of ideas, links, simple inquiry lessons that will motivate your students to make discoveries about plants! After they learn science vocabulary about plants, they can observe seeds, parts, and growth!

What’s in this download?

  • Pg. 1 Cover
  • Pg. 2 Table of Contents
  • Pg.3 A Note To Teachers
  • Pg.4 Week 1 Lesson Plans Introduction on Plants Parts
  • Pg 5 Week 2 Lesson Plans, Plants (needs)
  • Pg. 6 Week 3 Lesson Plans Focus on Plants (Needs and life cycle)
  • Pg. 7 Science Standards Met
  • Pg. 8 Home Connections Project Letter for Parents (Grow a Seed)
  • Pg. 9 Parts of a Plant Wheel
  • Pg. 10 Parts of a Plant Wheel
  • Pg. 11 Parts of a Plant Song
  • Pg. 12 KWL
  • Pg. 13 What plants Have, Need and Give
  • Pg. 14 Cut and Paste Plant and Animal Activity
  • Pg. 15 Make a Sprout House
  • Pg. 16 Sorting Plant Parts (Inquiry Lesson)
  • Pg. 17 Mini – Book and plant parts
  • Pg. 18 Mini – Book on plant needs
  • Pg. 19 Seed Detective (Investigation of a Lima Bean)
  • Pg. 20 Flower Parts (cut and paste)
  • Pg. 21 What do Plants Need WHEEL
  • Pg. 22 What do Plants Need Wheel (Pg. 2)
  • Pg. 23 Stem Experiments with a carnation and food coloring.
  • Pg. 24 Plants vs. Animals (compare)
  • Pg. 25 Venn Diagram (flower/ Tree)
  • Pg. 26 Venn Diagram (answer key)
  • Pg. 27 Plant Life Cycle Wheel
  • Pg. 28 Plant Life Cycle Wheel 2
  • Pg. 29 Plant Life Cycle Writing Paper
  • Pg. 30 Write Around the Room Activity
  • Pg. 31 Write Around the Room Log Sheet
  • Pg. 32 I SPY (printable)
  • Pg. 33 Inquiry with Flower Pin Wheels
  • Pg. 34- Flower Pin Wheels
  • Pg. 35 – 41 POSTERS
  • 42-49 Plants Science Journal (with a word bank, 5 pages, and rubric)
  • Pg. 50 Credits Page

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