Christmas Gifts for Parents Digital ART Calendar


Looking for a GREAT holiday gift for your students to create for their parents? An art calendar is great for getting kids to be creative and engaged in learning.  Parents will love it if it’s done digitally or in person!


Are you looking for a great way to do an engaging virtual OR in-person Holiday GIFT for you student’s parents?  I have you covered with these interactive, editable Google Slides to easily have students copy and paste movable parts to DISIGN their own ART CALENDAR gift for parents.  If you are teaching in person, just print out the black and white slides and have them color their own art on each calendar page.

What is in this download?

17 Google Slides with 12 Black and White Calendar Pages, Edit Text Boxes, Directions, Movable Parts and Video Tutorial to help you and students. 

There is an example for students to see.

  • 12 Calendar Black and White Slides to add children’s digital OR in person ARTWORK.
  • 1 slides with movable parts for students to use to create art. (You can edit to remove to add images.)
  • 1 slide that has ideas for students for each month.
  • A video Tutorial

Staple or bind with a ribbon to give parents as a gift OR have students do it virtually and print them out on their own. Students can also just email a link to their parent.

Slide DATES CAN NOT be edited, just the text boxes and movable parts can be edited. Calendars WILL BE UPDATED YEARLY!

Delete slides you don’t want to send to students, add your own directions to the sides of the slides to personalize.

>>>>> YOU DO NOT need Google Classroom to use Google Slides. Click the link in the pdf and it will force a copy of it on your Google Drive. Students do not need to have Google Classroom to participate. They will need a Google account, which does not have to be a Gmail account, but just an account with Google that gives them access to Google Drive. <<<<<<

Easily share through Google Classroom to collect information. Students move images, add text and move parts.


Holidays Around the World Digital Escape Room (Google Site)

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