Five Senses Activities Kindergarten | First Grade


Students will learn about the Five Senses with these activities and worksheets.


Looking for a unit to engage your students in learning about the five senses? I have you covered with this k-1 unit! It’s full of links, inquiry lessons, ideas, printables, detailed plans, and more!
What’s in this unit:
Pg. 1 Cover
Pg. 2 Table of Contents
Pg.3 A Note To Teachers
Pg.4 Week 1 Lesson Plans Introduction on Five Senses – TOUCH
Pg. 5 Week 2 Lesson Plans – SEE
Pg. 6 Week 3 Lesson Plans Focusing on SMELL
Pg. 7 Week 4 – Lesson Plans – HEAR
Pg. 8 Week 5 – Lesson Plans – TASTE
Pg. 10 Home Connections Project Letter for Parents
Pg. 11 KWL
Pg. 12 Soft, Hard Cut, and Paste
Pg. 13 Label the Parts
Pg. 14 Mini Book on TOUCH
Pg. 15 Song about 5 senses (Tune: Old MacDonald)
Pg. 16- 19 Directions for how to make a flip book, 3 printable to make the flip book about Five Senses.
Pg. 20 Color Wheel – Sight
Pg. 21 Mini Book – SIGHT
Pg. 22 Act out the Phrase
Pg. 23 – 24 Five Senses Wheel
Pg. 25 Things That Smell
Pg. 26 Smell Mini Book
Pg. 27 Listening Walk Worksheet
Pg. 28 Things I HEAR – worksheet
Pg. 29 Five Senses – Hearing Mini Book
Pg. 30 -31 Venn Diagram (comparing taste and smell)
Pg. 32 How things Taste (cut and paste worksheet)
Pg. 33 Mini Book on TASTE
Pg. 34-39 POSTERS (For each sense)
Pg. 40-47 JOURNAL for the Five Senses (To use on Fridays or Daily)
Pg. 48 Credits Page

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