ICE CREAM SHOP Dramatic Play Room Transformation with Lesson Plans


Transform your classroom to look like an ice cream shop! Lesson plans include math, writing, science, and reading while learning all about ice cream.


Looking for a great ICE CREAM theme to keep your students engaged while learning about matter, color, and writing? I have you covered with these printables to transform your room, dramatic play area, and ice cream-themed lesson plans!

Students are motivated to learn when your room transforms! This makes it easy for you to turn your room into an ice cream shop. There is a week of ice cream-themed lesson plans, posters, banners, journals, rubrics, signs, labels, home connection activities, STEM activities, worksheets, and 14 center stations included.

What’s in this download?

  • Pg. 1 Cover
  • Pg. 2 Table of Contents
  • Pg.3 A Note To Teachers
  • Pg.4 Standards
  • Pg. 5 & 6 Suggested Week Plan
  • Pg 7 & 8 Making Ice Cream in a Bag Inquiry
  • Pg. 9 KWL Chart
  • Pg. 10 Ice Cream Shake SONG
  • Pg. 11. Hot and Cold Cut and Paste
  • Pg. 12 Label the Ice Cream
  • Pg. 13 Draw and label Ice Cream Parts
  • Pg. 14-15 HOME CONNECTION Project
  • Pg. 16-17 Making Ice Cram (photos & sign)
  • Pg. 18-19 How to Make Ice Cream Spinning Wheel
  • Pg. 20 Sorting Scoops (Add 3 colors of pom poms for students to sort.)
  • Pg. 21 & 22 Ice Boat Experiment
  • Pg. 23-24 Venn Diagram (liquid and solid)
  • Pg. 25-29 Write the Room Vocabulary Words
  • Pg. 30 I Spy (liquids, solids)
  • Pg. 31-34 Ice Cream Origami Activity
  • Pg. 35-40 Ice Cream Writing Prompts and Mini Book
  • Pg. 41& 42 Stamp It (ice cream words)
  • Pg. 43- 45 Ice Cream Counting Circle Book
  • Pg. 46-54 Ice Cream Journal with a word bank, primary or intermediate lines, and a rubric.
  • Pg. 55-57 Half-Size Writing Journal
  • Pg. 58-60 Ice Cream Hat Crafts
  • Pg. 6165 Counting Scoops Station Activity ( Add pom poms and a scoop for this activity)
  • Pg. 66-68 Illustration Station – Directed Drawing Ice Cream
  • Pg. 69-70 Ice Cream Play Dough Station
  • Pgs. 71 -75 Ice Cream Craft ( Use for counting, sight words, art, or names)
  • Pg 76 Worker Badges (laminate)
  • Pg. 77 Employee of the Month (add a photo of a student each day)
  • Pg. 78- 89 Signs ( Open, closed, cashier, customer, welcome, hours, flavors for the day, check out, observation area)
  • Pg. 90-93 Price Tags (one blank to add your own price)
  • Pg. 94-96 Labels for Dramatic Play Area
  • Pg. 97- 98 Take Ice Cream Order Form
  • Pg. 99-103 Inventory List, Labels for Flavors, Today’s Special
  • Pg. 104-107 Signs (flavors, toppings, prices, prices to fill in your own.)
  • Pg. 108-109 Large, Medium, Small Labels
  • Pg. 110-121 ICE CREAM SHOP Banner Pennants (color and Black & White)
  • Pg. 122-128 Bulletin Board with Ice Cream Books
  • Pg. 129-133 Word Wall Words
  • Pg. 134139 Posters
  • Pg. 140-141 Certificates
  • Pg. 142-144 Photos of Products
  • Pg. 145 Credits

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