Science Curriculum kindergarten and 1st Grade Yearlong BUNDLE


Never scramble for another science lesson for kindergarten or first grade! Every worksheet, activity, journal, and rubric included meeting the standards. OVER 470 PAGES!

Push and Pull Worksheets | Lesson Plans | Activities

Physical science at its best with these PUSH AND PULL challenges! There is a week of lesson plans, a journal, and challenges to help students make push and pull discoveries in science.

Properties of Matter - Lessons for Kids

Hands-on inquiry lessons help students to retain science information. Try these activities for your matter lessons.

Day and Night Activities

Try these day and night activities for kindergarten and first-grade students. Students will sort pictures, learn about shadows and discover nocturnal animals.

Sun Earth Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE Science Lessons

Want to teach your students all about solar eclipses, the sun, moon or earth?  This science unit is perfect for engaging students in learning!

What is a Scientist, Science Tools | Kindergarten 1st Grade

Get your students engaged in learning about science with these hands-on lesson plans! They will discover what it is like to be a scientist, tools, and the scientific method.

All About Plants | Parts of Plants | Life-Cycle

Your students will love learning all about plants with these printables! Hands-on activities, a journal to collect data, worksheets, and more!


Forms of Energy Activities | Worksheets on Light, Heat, Sound

Students will learn about Sound, Heat, Light with this 3-week plan, including 3 inquiry lessons, data notebook pages, a rubric, craft, a home project, and so much MORE!

Weather Patterns UNIT Kindergarten | First Grade

Teach science with these weather-themed worksheets and activities for kindergarten or first-grade students.

Real VS Make Believe FACT and FICTION Week Unit

Students discover the difference between real and pretend things in life with this week unit.

Force and Motion Worksheets | Kindergarten 1st Grade Activities

Force and motion worksheets and activities that students will love!

Animal Classification Habitats | Kindergarten | 1st Grade

Students will learn all about animals in this 2-week unit.

Five Senses Activities Kindergarten | First Grade

Students will learn about the Five Senses with these activities and worksheets.


Need fun and engaging science lessons for the entire YEAR? I have you covered! This includes 12 UNITS with inquiry lessons, STEM activities, data notebooks, rubrics, print and go printables, home projects, and so much MORE! Check them all out with the links below.
What About Standards?
The units are based upon common state science standards as well as the Next Generation Science Standards! Within the units, you’ll see those commonly used phrases of science power standards across state to state. Not only do the units hit Science Standards,but they also hit many Language Arts Standards as well. Most units have data journals, rubrics, self-assessments, and posters. See the PREVIEW to see what standards are met for each unit.
What’s Inside This Download?
Practice of Science (Tools, Scientific Method)- 3 week unit
Day and Night (week unit)
Sun Earth Moon
ANIMALS (2 week unit)
Real vs Make Believe
Forces and Motion (3 weeks)
Energy – Sound Light Heat (3 weeks)
States of Matter
Push and Pull
5 Senses (5 week Unit)
Try the FREE SAMPLE to see what is inside.


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