Valentine’s Day Worksheets Math and Literacy | Kindergarten and First Grade


Students can review math and literacy skills for kindergarten and first grade with a Valentine’s Day theme. Over 100 printables!


Are you looking for some Valentine’s Day worksheets for your K-1 students? I have you covered with over 100 various types of math and literacy worksheets that cover many kindergarten and 1st-grade skills.

❤️ What is in this download? ❤️

  • 50 Literacy Worksheets (CVC, Letter ID, rhyming words, poems, writing about friendship, color words)
  • 50 Math Worksheets ( Number to 5, Numbers to 10, Numbers to 20, Counting Sets, Shapes, Number Bonds, One More, One Less, Counting On, Addition, Subtraction and Word Problems)
  • 2 Covers to Choose From to Create a Journal for February
  • Directions
  • Primary and Intermediate Line Options



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