What is a Scientist, Science Tools | Kindergarten 1st Grade


Get your students engaged in learning about science with these hands-on lesson plans! They will discover what it is like to be a scientist, tools, and the scientific method.


Need a fun, engaging Introductory Unit for The Practice of Science in K-1? I have you covered with 3 weeks of lesson plans with printables. It covers What is a SCIENTIST, Science Tools, and The Scientific Method with Inquiry lessons!

What’s Inside This Download?

  • Pg. 1 Cover
  • Pg. 2 Table of Contents
  • Pg. 4 Note to Teachers
  • Pg. 5 Lesson Plan (What is a Scientist?) WEEK 1
  • Pg. 6 Lesson Plan (Science Tools) WEEK 2
  • Pg. 7 Lesson Plan (Scientific Method) WEEK 3
  • Pg. 8 KWL Chart
  • Pg. 9 Draw a Scientist
  • Pg. 10 Scientists ARE, CAN, USE
  • Pg. 11 Act Out the Motion of a Scientist
  • Pg. 12 I SPY Science Tools
  • Pg. 13 & 14 Science Tools INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK (just draw pics., for young children)
  • Pg. 15 & 16 Science Tools Interactive Notebook (write the definition – for older children)
  • Pg. 17 & 18 Measuring Tools (INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK) Activity
  • Pg. 19 Hand Lens Experiment Data Sheet
  • Pg. 20-22 Science Tools MINI BOOKS
  • Pg. 23 Venn Diagram (ruler VS dropper)
  • Pg. 24 Writing Prompt- Science Tools
  • Pg. 25 Writing Prompt – Scientist & Tools
  • Pg. 26 Gummy Bear Science
  • Pg. 27 Scientific Method Blank Sheet (You can use this with any experiment all year long)
  • Pg. 28 Ask A Friend (Data Collecting)
  • Pg. 29 Rainbow Milk Inquiry Instructions (for teachers)
  • Pg. 30 Rainbow Milk Inquiry Data Sheet
  • Pg. 31 Observing Mixing Colors Data Sheet
  • Pg. 32-35 I’m a Scientist HAT HEADBANDS for boys and girls
  • Pg. 36-45 What is a Scientist, Science Tools POSTERS (see preview)
  • Pg. 46-53 The Scientific Method POSTER Set
  • Pg. 54-61 Science Data Notebook with Rubric & Word Bank
  • Pg. 62 How to put the Interactive Notebook Pages in the book EXAMPLE
  • Pg. 63 Credits

WHAT else do you need for this unit besides the printables?

  • ❀ Cardstock for printing the science hats
  • ❀ Red, Blue, Yellow Paint
  • ❀ Gummy Bears, Water, Cup
  • ❀ Science Tools (rulers, balance scale, hand lens, goggles, measuring cups etc.)
  • ❀ Q-Tips, Milk, Food coloring, Dish Soap, Scissors, crayons, glue


They will probably think that a scientist is only a male with glasses and crazy hair from watching TV. They probably won’t all know that a spoon is a scientific tool.

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