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If you know me, you know I love ALL. THE. THINGS. FALL!  That includes candy, pumpkins, scarecrows, witches, bats, ghosts, and monsters. I loved playing that song Skin and Bones for Halloween.  If you haven’t heard it, I will link it at the bottom. I memorized it and used it every time I wanted the kids to sit down with me on the floor in the month of October. They love it! I also find it easier to get students to write when the prompts are fall-related, especially if it has to do with a spooky haunted house!

Haunted House For Sale

More Time

As much as I love celebrating fall, I never had enough time to do all the fun things I wanted to do because October to December was always so busy. This is why I spend a lot of time and energy on creating fall resources for you. I worked every weekend planning fun things for my students, but you don’t have to because I’ve done a lot of the hard work for you. Take your weekends back and be THAT teacher students remember!

You can take your students on a fun Virtual Haunted House Field Trip!!
Students will:

  • learn about fiction and non-fiction
  • tour a haunted house virtually
  • take an airplane ride
  • write to persuade someone to buy the haunted house
  • write a narrative or opinion paper
  • count objects
  • play I spy
  • pack for the trip
  • take a comprehension quiz
  • discuss with a partner if the trip was fiction or non-fiction

Students can be provided the materials virtually or you can print the black and white printable options for in-person learning.  There are primary and intermediate lined prompts provided.  These trips are a blast!

Grab it HERE!

You can also find this in the Virtual Field Trip BUNDLE.

One field trip bundle review:
“This was a great source to use for live lessons. I was able to make it my own by adding the objectives and standards and make connections cross-curricular.” – Ashlyn W.

Virtual field trips make learning so much fun that students don’t even know they are learning!

SONG – Old Woman all SKIN & Bones

Halloween Escape Room

If you have never planned an educational escape room with your elementary students, why not try one this Halloween? You will find that the students are all engaged, excited to learn while solving clues and discover how to work as a team without a lot of direction from you. It takes about 45 minutes to set up the materials. This Return the Pumpkin Escape Room Mystery is designed with your K-2 students in mind! The download is editable so you can tailor it to your needs, or just print and go!

Hook Them Early

First, a video story creates a “hook” for engaging the students in the mystery right off the bat! Students will have to find their classroom pumpkin that Willie the Werewolf stolen. The video is only a few minutes long. The video will tell you to press play so you can read the first clue, but then you can press play to have some background mystery music while the kids use teamwork to solve the mystery and open a box to escape the classroom!

Halloween Escape Room Mystery for Elementary Classrooms

Each escape room provides 3 clues for students to solve. The average time for them to be able to beat the clock is 40 minutes. This classroom escape room has students finding bags of letters to form words. Students are encouraged to help each other. Not just their own team, but the other team too because they can’t open the box without both keys. Paper keys provided, so no need to buy real locks.

Once student solve all three clues, they will find the missing class pumpkin, receive a prize from the box and escape the classroom to a monster dance party, recess or the library. You get to choose!

Check out The Magical Teacher using the Halloween Escape Room in her classroom! She shows you how to add that special teacher magic that only a great teacher can bring to get maximum engagement!

Why use escape rooms in the classroom?

Break OUT rooms or Escape Rooms encourage teamwork, academic skills, problem solving and require students to listen while following directions. Then there is also the incredible engagement aspect it provides. This is why many teachers like to use them for their evaluations.

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Halloween Crafts and Centers

Fall is one of my favorite times of year!  Not only does the weather feel nice, but the fall activities for Halloween are so much fun for children and adults to participate in during this season.  Here are some ideas for family fun crafts or classroom centers when you are celebrating the holiday. This is my sweet daughter img_4475sporting a spider hat she personalized with a bow.  There is also a witch hat a child could add.  I let my students go outside and gather fall leaves.  Then they use the leaves to paint and press to drawing paper to make leaf prints.  You can add writing to it to hit some more standards. Want some low prep or no prep simple centers?  Check out the Halloween Centers Pack full of fun ideas like puppets, books, letter id games, pumpkin math, and so much more. Another fun activity is for the students to read Where’s my Mummy by Carolyn Crimi.  You can find the story on You Tube, if you dohalloween-squaren’t have the book.  Have students make their own mummy and use the printable to help them make a Text to Self connection after reading the book.  It makes a cute bulletin board or window display for your parents to enjoy!  No matter what have fun with the children!