Apollo 11 Moon Landing Activities

This summer you can discover fantastic space-themed events, as the nation celebrates the 50th anniversary of America’s first steps on the moon. Neil A. Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took those first steps on the moon as the rest of the world watched and cheered in amazement.

The moon landing marked the day American positioned itself as a global leader in science. Fifty years later, we remember this mission. So how do we get our students to feel the awe of this moment? If you visit NASA’s website, you will find events all over American to attend celebrating Apollo’s 50th Anniversary.

As a teacher, I wanted to give students the opportunity to learn about the first time man walked on the moon. So I created a 2-week lesson plan that would dive into the event while hitting standards. I wanted parents to be involved, so I added a “HOME CONNECTION” project, which included them making a rocket ship.

They also:

  • Wrote About Themselves Going to the Moon
  • Made Books
  • Created Lunar Lander for a STEM Challenge
  • Studied Vocabulary
Lunar Lander Apollo 11 STEM Challenge

Young students love pretending, so how much fun is it for them to pretend to be an astronaut who wants a job by filling out an application! Students love making little “spacemen” finger space holders on craft sticks for them to use during writing activities.

Apollo 11 Activities

Moon phases are easily displayed on an “iPad” printable during science. The best way to really get your students to understand the event is to share videos with them from NASA. It will help them understand how long ago it was when we visited the moon. You can talk about the importance of teamwork to get to the moon.

What are you going to do with your students to celebrate The Eagle landing?