How To Create A Fun And Easy Virtual Calendar For Your Classroom

If you know me, you know I just love calendar time. It is such a great way to gather with kindergarten or first grade students, go over the calendar, review some concepts, read stories, listen, share, and maybe even sing some songs. For more info on why I love it so much, check out my post here. 

 I adore my traditional Calendar Time area. This fun beachy-themed calendar area has always been my favorite.  Recently, however, I have been exploring Google Slides more and more and have found that it is the perfect tool for creating a virtual calendar easily! 

Here are some benefits of using a virtual calendar in your classroom

  • It can be used in person or virtually. After the last couple of years in the classroom, we are realizing the need for resources that can be used in the classroom AND virtually for distance learning. Teaching resources that are versatile enough to be used in both is essential these days. 
  • They are easily customized. Google Slides are so easy to play around with and make it your own. 
  • It can be easily reused year after year. While you can reuse physical products too, reusing digital items doesn’t require you to store anything or take up extra space. It can also be edited and personalized each year to fit whatever theme you want. 
  • It saves money. If you are printing your resources, it will save you money on paper and printing costs to just do it virtually. Saving money in the classroom is always a plus! 

Ready to explore virtual calendars yourself? I have you covered! I created this Virtual Calendar template for teachers who want to simplify Calendar Time in the classroom. 

virtual calendar

These colorful Google Slides templates make it easy for you and fun for your students. They can easily be edited to add your own personal touch. This calendar comes with Google Slides to help you review time, days of the week, months, money, share your morning messages, birthday shoutouts, and more! 

virtual calendar

Check out my virtual calendar tutorial here! 

Here’s what’s included in this calendar resource: 

  • 21 Colorful Digital Calendar and Math slides. Includes time, days of the week, months, money, a spinner game, morning messages, birthday shoutouts, patterns, shapes, and tally marks. 
  • 2 Review Pages (one digital and one black and white to easily print for pencil to paper) 

virtual calendar

Ready to get started with your virtual calendar? Check it out here!

virtual calendar


Morning Calendar Activities for Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

Classroom calendar activities might look a little different this school year for teachers.  With so many teachers teaching virtually, in the classroom or a mix of both, having resources that will help teachers in both situations is essential.  Math concepts are a perfect combination to use during morning calendar time.  The best bet you will have to reach all students in my opinion is using Google Slides to introduce concepts to students. Google slides make editing and sharing simple. This way you can use the slides during class in person or in a virtual meet up.

Tips and Topics for Morning Calendar Time

  • Have a slide that has a blank calendar template so you can update it easily each month.
  • Add holidays and celebrations to the calendar to hit social studies.
  • Make it a point to teach students about the UNDO button if they are the ones manipulating moveable parts on the slides.
  • Create a daily morning message slide to greet students each day.  This can include a link to a good morning song.  I like to use Jack Hartmann’s songs.
  • Discuss yesterday, today and tomorrow each day so the students see the pattern.
  • Include  a letter of the week, sight words, weather or patterns in your presentation.
  • Number of the day, tally marks to mark how many days in school, telling time, greater than, less than and counting money are great math concepts and options to include.
  • List the months of the year out of order.  Have a student put time in the correct order.
  • Seasons are great to cover each morning so students can grasp the length of a season.
  • You can find all kinds of great free spinners on the internet to make learning feel a little like a game.
  • Birthdays are always special days in the classroom.  You can add music or photos of the children to a slide.
  • Include a review sheet for students to digitally send to you to see if they comprehend concepts.

No Time to Create Google Slides

Don’t worry! I have you covered! This is where TpT resources come in handy.  Here is the pre-made and editable Google Slides for a Virtual Calendar that you can use at any elementary grade level for your classroom needs.  No paper to print! (There is one page that is black and white for a review that you can print out for students who are with you in person.) Use what you like and delete the slides that you don’t want included in your morning calendar time.

Virtual Math Morning Calendar

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