How to Celebrate the 120th Day of School Virtually

It’s a tradition in elementary school to celebrate when you reach a milestone in class. This could be reaching our reading goals, mastering sight words, counting, or reaching a certain number of days at school! 

For kindergarten, it’s typical to celebrate the 100th day of school. In first grade, however, it’s more standard to celebrate making it to 120 days instead. Counting to 120 is a goal for many first graders and this is a fun way to tie our celebration in with our class counting goals. 

If you are a teacher looking for some fun activities to do on the 120th day of school, you’re in the right spot! Here are some simple and exciting ways students can celebrate reaching this milestone. 

  1. Bring in 120 items. Students can find 120 pieces of an item at home to bring into the classroom. This gives them practice counting to 120 in a way that doesn’t feel like practice! Bonus, it is fun for students to show their classmates what they accomplished. They can bring 120 paperclips, beads, Legos, etc. 
  2. Draw yourself as a 120-year-old. This one is such a fun activity for students. Have them create a picture of themselves as a 120-year-old and write about it. 
  3. Create a frame with 120 boxes for students to put small snacks into (think cheerios, m&ms, or goldfish)

If you are teaching virtually or just looking for some activities that can be done easily online with your students (no cleanup!), I have you covered! 

These virtual 120th day of school activities give you several engaging activities to choose from to celebrate this exciting milestone.

120th day of school

Some activities included are: 

  1. 120-second scavenger hunt
  2. Make yourself or your teacher look 120 years old
  3. 120th-day fitness checklist
  4. 120th-day dot-art
  5. Narrative and opinion writing prompts
  6. Add 120 buttons to a sweater
  7. Make a clown
  8. And so much more! 

120th day of school

This resource is available on Google Slides so you can send it to your class virtually or use them in your classroom. Movable parts make this an interactive and hands-on activity that students will love. 

Want to learn more about how it works? Check out the video tutorial! 

There are so many ways to make this day special, even if you are teaching online. 

I hope you and your students have lots of silly fun with these activities!

120th day of school


Must-Have Bundles For Elementary Teachers

The internet has changed the art of teaching in many ways- but perhaps one of the biggest ways is the ability to get new teaching materials with the click of a mouse. Gone are the days of searching print magazines or only sharing ideas with teachers in your building.

Now, you can find and share materials with the entire world! One of the most convenient ways to get lessons and activities for your class is to utilize bundles. Bundles often have enough materials to last the entire school year and are the best “bang for your buck” when it comes to purchases.

When I was in the classroom, these were my MUST-HAVE BUNDLES for teaching!

First up is my Reading Fluency Practice Activities Bundle for the entire year.

Fluency bundle

We know how important reading fluency is for our students. This set is perfect for kindergarten and first-grade classes and provides everything you need to help your students become fluent readers. There is a suggested lesson plan for every day of the year. Your lesson planning for fluency is DONE!

Mini books, reader’s theater scripts, and sentence building worksheets provide valuable practice for your students. Fluency tests are also included, allowing you to easily assess your students’ growing skills. 

Another favorite bundle is the Kindergarten Math Centers Yearlong Bundle.

math bundle

Centers are an excellent way to develop young students’ math skills. Students enjoy working in centers with their classmates and can develop their math understanding in an appropriate and engaging way. This bundle provides everything you need for an entire YEAR of fun math centers.


 The centers have a “Math Cafe” theme that students love. Once you use direct instruction to explain how to use the task cards, your students will be able to independently complete centers. While you work one-on-one or with small groups, students can work in small groups to complete centers. For one low price, your independent math practice time is ready to go for the year! 


kindergarten Math Centers

Greater Than Less Than CraftNumbers Kindergarten Math CentersMath Centers 2D 3D Shapes

Math Salad Bar Idea

Math Center Games

Wow! You can even try them for FREE!

Free Kindergarten Math Centers

Having daily writing prompts at my fingertips was a great way to get students who might have trouble being creative on their own to write using a prompt to get their creative juices flowing! I make monthly themed journals and students worked at their own pace.  There are self-checking rubrics at the bottom of each page, word banks, covers, and a teacher rubric at the end to help students get feedback.  These were used during my staff meetings to show how I monitor student progress.

Looking for Kindergarten Morning Work bundled? Check out my post here!

If you loved these bundles, there is more where that came from! You can check out a list of all of my year-long bundles here. 

I hope these ideas have inspired you to take advantage of bundles in your classroom. By streamlining your planning and preparation, you can spend more time helping your students grow and learn!





TpT Site Wide Sale has STARTED

How can you get everything on your wish list? I will show you some ways!

It’s that time of year. Back to school is full swing when you see that TpT is offering up to 25% off of resources by using the cod BTS19 at checkout.

First, let me begin by telling you about my TOP 5 picks for primary teachers.

TOP 5 Teaching Resources

  1. The Mega Guided Reading Bundle is full of activities for K-3 students. It is geared for teaching reading all year for K-1, but certainly can help support struggling readers in 2-3.
Guided Reading Activities | Reading Blocks™   MEGA BUNDLE
Guided Reading Activities

2. Tropical Hawaiian Beach Classroom Decor Bundle – This is my favorite decor pack that was designed using real Hawaii photos and watercolor images. Why not have that vacation feeling all year long?

Classroom Themes Decor Bundles | Tropical Pineapples and Palm Trees
Classroom Themes Decor Bundle

3. This kindergarten and 1st Grade Science Bundle is a MUST HAVE for teachers who lack curriculum or support materials in science. One buyer referred to it as “Science EVERYTHING” in their feedback.

Science BUNDLE kindergarten and 1st Grade

4. Do you need something more for your students to practice writing skills? Check out the K-3rd Writing Prompts Yearlong Bundle. This has 12 monthly themed journals with writing prompts, practice with opinion, narrative, letter writing and more. Each prompt has a Self Check Rubric at the bottom of each page.

Writing Prompts  YEARLONG BUNDLE
Writing Prompts

5. Social Studies is another area that teachers lack materials for in K-1. The Kindergarten and First Grade Social Studies Bundle makes finding materials that meet the standards a SNAP! Also, there are journals, interactive notebook pages, home activities and crafts included in this mega bundle all hitting the standards.

Kindergarten & First Grade Social Studies Curriculum Bundle
Kindergarten and 1st Grade Social Studies Curriculum


I mentioned there could be a way to get all of you favorite TpT items. Check out the raffle going on UNTIL MIDNIGHT tonight for one lucky teacher to win $475 to Teachers Pay Teachers! They will pick a winner who can shop the sale tomorrow morning. Next, try checking your Teachers Pay Teachers account for previous purchases you might have forgot to leave feedback on because they will give you store CREDIT! (A lot of people don’t know about this FREE money.)

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Writing Prompts for the YEAR

Why is writing important?  It is important because we can communicate easier in creative ways with others.  Writing is necessary for life.  This skill helps express feelings and thoughts.  Writing builds a connection with reading skills.  It is different from oral communication.  Writing helps organize thoughts.   Studies show that teachers should spend more time teaching writing both explicit and naturally.  This is where it is helpful for a teacher to provide a daily writing journal.  If students finish work early, give them the option to write in a journal.  It is unclear through research just how much time is needed to teach writing because every student learns differently.  Also, many teachers integrate writing in other subject areas.    Share different types of writing with your students.  Let them have opportunities for a real audience and a chance to hear feedback not just with the teacher.  I used monthly journals.  Every Friday I allowed a few students to be the featured author, and share their writing with the class.  Each author could choose 3 people to give feedback or a positive comment.  I had to model this the first couple weeks, but students are quick to pick it up.  No matter what, make sure you teach writing in elementary everyday.  It will build a great foundation for your students.

YEARLONG Writing Prompts Monthly Journals BUNDLE

YEARLONG Writing Prompts Monthly Journals BUNDLE