Using Theme Days To Teach In Elementary

Theme days are an excellent way to organize and plan your instruction in the elementary classroom. Integrating lessons in every subject area around a particular topic, or theme, can improve student understanding.

Curiosity about the theme will help them learn more effectively, and more naturally. As they make connections between content areas they will gain even deeper understanding of the topics, and have fun at the same time! An exciting theme that engages students will motivate them to do their best work- making your job easier! 

Choosing which theme days you want to do for your instruction might seem daunting, but there is truly a theme to match every classroom and interest.

For example, seasons are an easy theme to integrate into subject areas. There are a multitude of ways to teach math concepts using seasonal ideas- such as candy in the fall or snowflake patterns in winter. Picture books with seasonal themes are perfect for reading instruction and writing examples.

Seasonal temperatures are an easy way to introduce data collection in science. With just a little imagination, you can create lessons for each season of the year. Other themes that are popular include oceans, springtime hatching, holidays, snow, deserts, and many more. You can easily adapt these themes to your students’ interests. 

If you are ready to start using theme days, but not sure where to begin, you can use one day themes.

A special day full of themed activities will get your students excited and motivated to learn. One of my favorite themed days is Spy Day.

theme days

Students complete many activities and challenges using spy skills, and will not even realize how much they are learning! This download includes all the plans you need and step-by-step instructions. 

Another favorite theme day is Superhero Day. This download includes superhero-themed reading, writing, math, and even craft activities. By the end of the day, your students will have gained new skills and have had a great time! 

theme days

With just a little planning, themes can get your students motivated and engaged in ways you never expected. They can gain deeper understandings of concepts while having fun- it’s a win-win!

theme days


For more fun theme day ideas, check out my resources here!

What are your favorite theme days? Let me know in the comments!

theme days

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