Video Blog Attempt

So last week when I went to the Teachers Pay Teachers Conference in Orlando,  I was able to meet Kayse Morris.  She makes the most adorable high energy videos for teachers.  I watched all of her videos while I was learning how to set up my own TpT store.  Kayse had all the people who attended her workshop (LEARNshop, as I like to call them), make their first Facebook Live video right then and there.  It was fun, but I quickly realized I better have something to say, no gum in my mouth and to pan the room much slower when I make future videos.  I didn’t say much in my video and when I did, I mispronounced Kayse’s name… EMBARRASSING!  So this week not only did I build a NEW blog, but I’m working on my first PLANNED video packed with teacher tips! Keep following my blog to see if it turns out helpful or hurtful.


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