What Is A Scientist? Tips For Teaching Science To Your Students

What is a scientist? 

A scientist is someone who believes there is a natural way to explain most things. Scientists see a problem and perform tests to understand the cause so they can come up with a solution. It’s pretty cool! 

Introducing the topic of science and scientists to early elementary students is so fun. They are coming in and seeing the wonder of science with brand new eyes and it is so cool to see their eyes light up when they learn more about science. 

What is a scientist for kids

If you are looking for ways to teach the topic “What is a scientist?” to your kindergarten or first grade students, you’re in the right place. This is one of my favorite subjects to teach! 

Here are some things you’ll want to touch on as you teach students about the wonderful world of science: 

  • Scientist tools and how to use them
  • The scientific method and how to use it to solve problems
  • Types of scientists and what types of problems they solve
  • Types of science experiments and how to conduct them

It’s important to teach your little learners that anyone can be a scientist! They just have to watch and observe how things work. Pretty cool, huh? 

If you are looking for the perfect What Is A Scientist Activity or some first grade or  kindergarten science worksheets, I have you covered! 

My What Is A Scientist 3-Week Unit has everything you need! 

It covers What is a Scientist, Science Tools, and The Scientific Method with Inquiry lessons!

What’s Inside This Download?

Pg. 1 Cover

Pg. 2 Table of Contents

Pg. 3 Home Connection

Pg. 4 Note to Teachers

Pg. 5 Lesson Plan (What is a Scientist?) Week 1

Pg. 6 Lesson Plan (Science Tools) Week 2

Pg. 7 Lesson Plan (Scientific Method) Week 3

Pg. 8 KWL Chart

Pg. 9 Draw a Scientist

Pg. 10 Scientists ARE, CAN, USE

Pg. 11 Act Out the Motion of a Scientist

Pg. 12 I SPY Science Tools

Pg. 13 & 14 Science Tools interactive notebook (just draw pics., for young children)

Pg. 15 & 16 Science Tools Interactive Notebook (write the definition – for older children)

Pg. 17 & 18 Measuring Tools (Interactive notebook) Activity 

Pg. 19 Hand Lens Experiment Data Sheet

Pg. 20-22 Science Tools mini books

Pg. 23 Venn Diagram (ruler VS dropper)

Pg. 24 Writing Prompt- Science Tools

Pg. 25 Writing Prompt – Scientist & Tools

Pg. 26 Gummy Bear Science

Pg. 27 Scientific Method Blank Sheet (You can use this with any experiment all year long)

Pg. 28 Ask A Friend (Data Collecting)

Pg. 29 Rainbow Milk Inquiry Instructions (for teachers)

Pg. 30 Rainbow Milk Inquiry Data Sheet

Pg. 31 Observing Mixing Colors Data Sheet

Pg. 32-35 I’m a Scientist Hat headbands for boys and girls

Pg. 36-45 What is a Scientist, Science Tools posters

Pg. 46-53 The Scientific Method poster Set

Pg. 54-61 Science Data Notebook with Rubric & Word Bank

Pg. 62 How to put the Interactive Notebook Pages in the book example

If you want even more science fun for kindergarten and first grade students, you have to check out my Science Curriculum Bundle! 

science activities for kids

This comprehensive and engaging science curriculum includes everything you need to teach science all year long! This includes 12 units with inquiry lessons, STEM activities, data notebooks, rubrics, print-and-go worksheets, home projects, and so much more!

Check it out here! For more science activities, check out my post here! 

What are your favorite activities for teaching students about scientists? Let me know in the comments! 

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