Animal Classification Habitats | Kindergarten | 1st Grade


Students will learn all about animals in this 2-week unit.


Looking for a GREAT unit about animal classification to keep your students engaged for 2 weeks integrating science, writing, reading, and math? I’ve got you covered with printables, links, a journal, rubrics, self-rating animal reports, home projects, posters, and MORE to help students with animal comparisons, body parts, and habitats.
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Included in this download is:
Pg. 1 Cover
Pg. 2 Table of Contents
Pg. 3 Lesson Plan
Pg. 4 Standards
Pg. 5 Habitat HOME CONNECTION Project
Pg. 6 Animals (KWL Chart)
Pg. 7 How Animals Move (KWL CHART)
Pg. 8 Act Out Animal Motions
Pg. 9. E-I-E-I-O Song (tune of Old MacDonald)
Pg. 10 Tiger Song (tune of BINGO)
Pg. 11 Cut and Paste Land and Water Animals
Pg. 12 Answer Key to Pg. 11
Pg. 13 Circle, X the animals that live in water or land and Count
Pg. 14 Answer Key to Pg. 13
Pg. 15 Venn Diagram OWLS and TIGERS
Pg. 16 Answer Key to Pg. 15
Pg. 17 Venn Diagram FISH and WHALES
Pg. 18 Answer Key to pg. 17
Pg. 19 Informational Reading for Nocturnal Animals
Pg. 20 Write about Nocturnal Animals
Pg. 21 Informational Reading for Hibernating Animals
Pg. 22 Write about Hibernating Animals
Pg. 23 Real and Make-Believe INFORMATIONAL Reading
Pg. 24 Write about a REAL Animal
Pg. 25 Cut and Label the Penguin Picture
Pg. 26 Cut and Label The Rabbit Picture
Pg. 27-30 ANIMAL ABC Book (Students color, cut, write the animal word to make a book)
Pg. 31 Cut and Paste Fast and Slow Animals
Pg. 32 I SPY Animals with Fur and Feathers
Pg. 33 Answer Sheet for Pg. 32
Pg. 34 Chicken Life Cycle Writing and drawing Page
Pg. 35 Answer Key Sample for pg. 34
Pg. 36 Animal Report about facts they learned from the unit.
Pg. 37- 42 POSTERS (Animals, Hibernate, Nocturnal, Mammal, Vertebrate, Invertebrate)
Pg. 43-50 Animal Science Journal with Word Bank and RUBRIC
Pg. 51 Animal Awareness Award
Pg. 52-54 Classify and Sort Insects, fish, reptiles, birds, vertebrate and Invertebrate Animals
Pg. 52 Credits


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