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Looking for a great winter writing activity?  Let you students build their own virtual snowman and write about it! Narrative, opinion or persuasive options are available.


Are you looking for a great way to do an engaging virtual OR in-person winter WRITING lesson with students?  I have you covered with these interactive, editable Google Slides to easily have students copy and paste movable parts to BUILD THEIR OWN SNOWMAN.  Then, they will write a narrative, persuasive or opinion paper about their snowmen.

What is in this download?

40 Google Slides with Titles, Edit Text Boxes, Directions, Movable Parts and Video Tutorial to help you and students. 

There is an example for students to see.

  • 14 Background Slides for Student to choose from to begin designing.
  • 4 slides with movable parts for students to use to decorate their ugly sweater. (You can edit to remove to add images.)
  • 6 slides for students to brainstorm, organize thoughts, and write a story about their sweater.
  • Black and white slides for students to digitally or handwrite stories. (narrative, persuasive or opinion writing include)
  • An example slide of how to add a google form to have a voting contest. (optional)

Make it even more fun by adding all the student’s work to a new slide show with the music provided while in PRESENT MODE to have a snowman building contest. (optional)

You can print and display them in your room or make a slideshow with the student’s finished products to view virtually. (music provided)

Slide titles and backgrounds CAN NOT be edited, just the text boxes and movable parts can be edited.

You can delete slides you don’t want to send to students, add your own directions or images to the sides of the slides to personalize.

Check out the preview and the Video to see this resource in action.


>>>>> YOU DO NOT need Google Classroom to use Google Slides. The LINK will force a copy of it on your Google Drive. Students do not need to have Google Classroom to participate. They will need a Google account, which does not have to be a Gmail account, but just an account with Google that gives them access to Google Drive. <<<<<<

Easily share through Google Classroom to collect information or share from your computer to Zoom or Meets. Students move images, add text and move parts to get plenty of writing and computer practice!

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