Butterfly Life Cycle Craft | Symmetry | Writing Activities


Teach all about the butterfly life cycle, symmetry and add some fun writing with this resource to engage students!


Looking for a fun activity for spring where the kids learn about the butterfly life cycle and integrate symmetry by making a book that will make a lasting memory for them to share at home? I have you covered with these Printables for creating a butterfly craft with writing options!

What’s in this download?

Pg. 1 Cover
Pg. 2 Table of Contents
Pg. 3 Life Cycle POSTER to Share with the Class
Pg. 4 Photos of how to put the book together
Pg. 5 Front Cover of Book
Pg. 6 Middle of the Book
Pg. 7 Back of the Book – Teach About Symmetry
Pg. 8 Life Cycle Fill It In Printable
Pg. 9 Write about the Life Cycle Primary Paper
Pg. 10 Write about the Life Cycle Intermediate Paper
Pg. 11 Mini Book
Pg. 12 Credits

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