Forms of Energy Activities | Worksheets on Light, Heat, Sound


Students will learn about Sound, Heat, Light with this 3-week plan, including 3 inquiry lessons, data notebook pages, a rubric, craft, a home project, and so much MORE!


Be that memorable teacher with engaging lessons to teach the forms of energy! I have perfect lesson plans with printables. It covers Sound, Heat, Light with a 3-week plan including 3 inquiry lessons, data notebook pages, a rubric, a home project, and so much MORE!


What’s Inside This Download?

  • Pg. 1 Cover
  • Pg. 2 Table of Contents
  • Pg. 3 HOME CONNECTION – Parent Project
  • Pg. 4 Note to Teachers
  • Pg. 5 Lesson Plan (What is a Scientist?) WEEK 1
  • Pg. 6 Lesson Plan (Science Tools) WEEK 2
  • Pg. 7 Lesson Plan (Scientific Method) WEEK 3
  • Pg. 8 KWL
  • Pg. 9 Act It Out (Teacher calls out the energy word, students act it out)
  • Pg. 10 Draw or List forms of energy
  • Pg. 11 Forms of Energy Writing and Draw Printable
  • Pg. 12. Forms of Energy – Heat, Light, Sound Interactive Notebook Page
  • Pg. 13 Energy Mini-Book
  • Pg. 14 Venn Diagram – compare fire and the sun
  • Pg. 15. Ask a Friend – Practice collecting data, predicting and collecting evidence
  • Pg. 16 I SPY Sound Items
  • Pg. 17 Draw what you think sound looks like
  • Pg. 18 & 19 Interactive Notebook pages for making a pocket full of things that make sound
  • Pg. 20Sound Energy Mini-Book
  • Pg. 21 Venn Diagram compare the soft sound of the Beach to the Loud sound of the Music Room at school
  • Pg. 22 Writing Page about Sound Energy
  • Pg. 23 Draw 3 forms of energy in the circle.
  • Pg. 24 Inquiry Lesson Light Experiment with various Items to see if LIGHT passes through
  • Pg. 25 Inquiry Student Page to collect
  • Pg. 26 Hear and SEE SOUND Experiment
  • Pg. 27 Hear and SEE SOUND by showing vibration
  • Pg. 28 Melting Ice Teacher Instructions for Inquiry Lesson
  • Pg. 29 Student page to collect data on melting ice experiment
  • Pg. 30-31 Fun Science Hat/Headband
  • Pg. 32 What is energy? Poster
  • Pg. 33-39 Vocabulary Posters (sound, soft, vibrate, loud, heat, light)
  • Pg. 40- 47 Energy Notebook Journal with Rubric
  • Pg. 48 Tips with Photo on how to glue the Interactive Notebook page together.
  • Pg. 49 Credits

****WHAT else do you need for this unit besides the printables?******

  • ❀ Cardstock for printing the hat
  • ❀ Flashlight
  • ❀ Paper (black, tissue, white, book, basket, cloth, foil)
  • ❀ bowl, plastic wrap, spoon, rice, metal pan
  • ❀ Ice, plastic cutting board, metal frying pan


Students probably won’t know what energy looks like. They may think that light can’t move through objects. They may have never thought about vibration creating sound.


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