Holidays Around the World Kindergarten & 1st Grade Journal


Students will create a winter holidays around the world journal.  There are 11 winter holiday locations, traditions and flags displayed on each page.  Students decorate the cover, learn about each holiday and get a FREE BONUS of a Holidays Around the World Hat!


Are you looking for something to teach Winter Holidays Around the World? This Journal covers 11 Winter Holiday locations, traditions, and flags. Students locate the country on the map or globe, view the country’s flag (or holiday flag) and read the passage provided telling about each holiday tradition.

Children complete the work page on their own each day. Each page covers handwriting and asks the student to draw a pictures of something they learned to check for comprehension. At the bottom of the page, it asks students to draw one of their family traditions. You can have them then discuss with a partner. You can add some fun by having students bringing in traditional food at the end of the unit. This is a nice keepsake for students to refer to later and share with their families.

What is in this download?

Pg. 1 Cover to the Journal (Students can color it and put their names on it.)

Pg. 2 Cover (Staple Pg. 2-12 to make a JOURNAL)

Pg. 3 America (Christmas)

Pg. 4 Germany

Pg. 5 Australia

Pg. 6 Mexico (Las Posadas)

Pg. 7 China (Chinese New Year)

Pg. 8 India (Diwali)

Pg. 9 Italy

Pg. 10 France

Pg. 11 Israel (Hanukkah)

Pg. 12 Sweden (St. Lucia’s Day)

Pg. 13 Kwanzaa

Pg. 14-17 FREE BONUS (Holidays Around the World Hat)

Pg. 18 Credits

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