Individual Math Toolkit Mats | Kindergarten | First Grade


This math toolkit is perfect for kindergarten or first grade students to have all year! Just add what you need and change the tools each unit.


Looking for a great way to keep your students’ math material all in one easy-to-clean-up area? Try a math toolkit! Students can keep all the manipulatives in a pencil box or Ziplock bag. This download has over 55 tools to use for different units.

View video of the toolkit resources HERE

You will choose the tools you need for the unit, add some manipulatives (some printable ones are provided in this resource), include a dry-erase marker and you can even EDIT the name, spinners, and recording data sheet!

Backgrounds can NOT be edited.

What’s included?
Over 70 PowerPoint Pages

  • 3 Different Toolkit Labels (2 are editable)
  • 1 Recording Sheet for you to take notes of concepts students grasp
  • 4 Editable Spinner Types (use a paper clip and a pencil for the spinner OR a plastic clear spinner over the top)
  • 3 Trace the 2D shapes
  • 2 Trace the 3D Shapes
  • Printable dice
  • 2 Blank Clocks (one with digital)
  • Right Hand, Left Hand
  • True & False
  • 100 Charts
  • Place Value Id
  • Ten Frame
  • Hundred’s Frame
  • Subtraction and addition with ten frames
  • Number lines
  • Trace Numbers to 10
  • Trace Numbers to 20
  • Number Bonds
  • 2 Sorting Mats
  • Fact Family House
  • Today’s Date (yesterday, today, tomorrow)
  • 3 Number Identifications with Ten Frames
  • Non-Standard Measuring Sticks
  • Number Paths ( to 5, 10 & 20)
  • 5 Frame
  • 10 Frame
  • 20 Frame
  • Addition Strips
  • Subtraction Strips
  • Number before/after
  • Greater Than and Less Than Mats
  • Number Cards with Ten and 20 Frames
  • Colors
  • Money
  • Buttons
  • Shapes
  • Fish
  • Bears (3 sizes)
  • Blank Spinners
  • Spinners with numbers, shapes, and color

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