Kindergarten Summer Packet | KINDERGARTEN to 1st Grade REVIEW


Avoid the summer slide with a review packet to help students who are going into first grade from kindergarten!


Are you looking for a PRINT and GO packet for your students to use over the summer with their parents or tutors? I have you covered with this packet! Check out the preview.

❀ How to use this packet…

Each activity in this packet is designed to prepare and review skills your child should know to enter 1st grade. They relate to the Common Core Standards. On several pages, you can find the standard number, (e.g. “K.OA.4”) to help you find more online support for the standard. They also cross over many other state standards.

What is in this Download?

  • Pg. 1 Cover
  • Pg. 2 Table of Contents
  • Pg. 3 How to use the packet and HOT TIPS for parents
  • Pg. 4 Oral and Physical Activities
  • Pg. 5 Progress Monitoring Sheet
  • Pg. 6 Summer Reading Log
  • Pg. 7 Kindergarten Sight Word List
  • Pg. 8 1st Grade Sight Word Lists
  • Pg. 9 Trace and Write the Alphabet
  • Pg. 10 Trace and Write the Numbers
  • Pg. 11-15 Sight Word Smash Game/ Worksheet
  • Pg. 16-23 Write, Read and Draw Word Families
  • Pg. 24-30 ABC ORDER
  • Pg. 31-34 Rewrite the Sentence Correctly
  • Pg. 35-40 Reading Comprehension Passages, Sequencing Events
  • Pg. 41-43 Verbs and Nouns
  • Pg. 44 Long and Short Vowel Words
  • Pg. 45-48 Singular and Plural
  • Pg. 49-51 Using Shapes to Draw and Write
  • Pg 52 Sticker Story
  • Pg. 59-68 SUMMER Journal (7 Pages) Re-print as needed
  • Pg. 69-72 Addition and Subtraction
  • Pg. 73 One More, One Less
  • Pg. 74 Counting On
  • Pg. 75 10 More, 10 LESS (This one may require parent help)
  • Pg. 76 Color 100 Gumballs
  • Pg. 77-78 100 Chart – Fill In What Is Missing
  • Pg. 79-80 Word Problem Solving
  • Pg. 81 Compare the Length
  • Pg. 82-85 Counting Coins
  • Pg. 86-92 Number Bonds
  • Pg. 93-98 Shapes
  • Pg. 99 Place Value Bracelets
  • Pg. 100 Roll and Dot Numbers 1-6
  • Pg. 101 Credits Page

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