New Years 2022 Glasses PRINTABLE


Happy New Year Eyeglasses will help your class celebrate the new year, sports events or the year they graduate! Print, decorate, cut and glue the arms on the back.


What better way to celebrate the New Year than with 2022 GLASSES? Students have a blast coloring and wearing their glasses! GREAT to help celebrate Sports and graduation too! There are 3 2022 types to choose from. (2021 is still included in this set)


Directions: Copy on cardstock, color, and cut the glasses out. Cut out the arms and attach the arm sides to the back of the frame using tape to keep in place. For the best fit, place the arms as close as possible to the cut-out eye holes. It is helpful to have volunteers for the little ones if you are doing this with a whole group. I added stars on each number to represent place value on one pair if you want to incorporate it into a math lesson.

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