Read Across America Activities | Book Tasting Escape


Students have a blast getting to sample different types of books during a Book Tasting.




Want to make a HUGE impact, encouraging students to read for Read Across America or Literacy Week? Use these step-by-step instructions to guarantee student engagement while they learn about how to work as a team to help a store owner, discover new book genres and ESCAPE THE CLASSROOM with a BOOK Tasting! With a little prep, your students will work as a team to break into a box, which breaks them out of the classroom as they beat the clock! Use any books you want with this activity!

*Designed for 1st-5th Grades

What’s inside this download?

  • Pg. 1 Cover
  • Pg. 2 Table of Contents
  • Pg. 3 Directions (with video link)
  • Pg. 4 Materials Needed to Set Up
  • Pg. 5 Checklist for Set-Up
  • Pg. 6 Help the Restaurant Open (Motivational Paragraph)
  • Pg. 7 Book TASTING – Read after pg.6 and the video)
  • Pg. 8,9,10 MENU for 4 Book Tasting Reviews
  • Pg. 11 Place Setting
  • Pg. 12 -15 Signs and Vocabulary Posters (Students will learn about fiction, non-fiction, biographies, poetry, and federal funds.)
  • Pg. 16-17 Paper Keys (You can use real locks if you prefer.)
  • Pg. 18 Help Cards
  • Pg. 19 Homework Passes (optional prize)
  • Pg. 20 Bookmarks (optional prize)
  • Pg. 21 Letter from Store Owner (Place in the Box)
  • Pg. 22-23 Certificates of Completion (optional)
  • Pg. 24-26 Pictures of Set Up
  • Pg. 27-32 Photo Booth Signs (OPTIONAL)
  • Pg. 33-38 Banner Pennants
  • Pg. 39-40 Credits


About 45 minutes to Complete the Activity

Check out the Preview and Video Hook

They don’t read all the books… Just a “taste.”

There is a PDF file with step-by-step instructions, a link to incorporate a YouTube Video to HOOK your students into accepting a mission to help a store owner have his Grand Opening. It can only be solved by working through some book “tastings” and using teamwork. Opening the box, (no locks needed) leads them to escape the classroom to enjoy recess or a library break outside of the classroom. Ideas are included.

This escape room is NOT EDITABLE.

There are 4 Book Tastings using Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biographies, and Poetry Books of YOUR choice.

This is great for Read Across America or Literacy Week!

MATERIALS YOU NEED TO ADD: a box, some surprise to put in the box (homework passes and bookmarks are provided), pencils and food treat in the box, and plates. You can go elaborate and have a pizza store or fancy with silver platters and wear aprons.

Check out the PREVIEW!

Students will learn:

  • ⏳ Teamwork Skills
  • ⏳ Reading Skills
  • ⏳ Problem Solving Skills
  • ⏳ Following Directions

⭐This is a great Observation ACTIVITY!⭐



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