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Host a SPY DAY Themed End of the Year Celebration

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to end the school year with your students? Look no further than the SPY Day School LAB theme day, available on TeachersPayTeachers! My students love when I add a theme to our end of the year celebrations!

This end-of-the-year theme day is designed to get students excited and engaged as they work together to complete a series of spy-themed challenges. Teachers can structure the day like a spy mission, with each challenge building on the skills and knowledge learned in the previous challenge. You can add some spy themed music while they solve clues.

The SPY Day School LAB includes everything you need to run a successful theme day. It includes detailed instructions, printable worksheets, and engaging activities. I love challenges that are designed to be age-appropriate and can be easily adapted to suit different grade levels and classroom settings.


One of the key benefits of the SPY Day School LAB is that it encourages students to work together. The challenges require students to communicate effectively, collaborate, and support each other as they work towards a common goal. This can be a great way to build a sense of community and connection among your students as the school year comes to a close.

Another benefit of the SPY Day School LAB is that it is highly engaging and fun for students. The challenges are designed to be exciting and interactive, which can help to motivate students and keep them focused on their learning. This can be especially important as the school year winds down and students may be feeling restless or distracted.

Overall, the SPY Day School LAB is a great option for teachers who want to end the school year on a high note. It is a fun and engaging way to build teamwork skills. The activities also promote community building, and keep students motivated and focused on their learning. Check it out on TeachersPayTeachers today and get ready for a thrilling end-of-year adventure!

Classroom Themes and Transformations the Students Will LOVE

Pick a theme or color scheme that you will love all year!

Themed Classroom Decor

Camping Reading Area
Nicole Woody’s Camping Reading Area

Picking a theme that not only you love, but inspires your students to learn is one of the most important decisions for a teacher! Your classroom decor sets the tone for your students all year. Teacher’s want it to be warm, inviting, and materials to be easily accessible to the students. Keep your theme calm, yet fun. Nicole Woody’s camping reading area is warm and inviting! What student wouldn’t want to curl up with a good book in a tent next to a camp fire?

Create a STEM Area

If you love a particular subject, make sure you incorporate your favorite subjects in a way to make you feel happy and inspired. Not only will you walk in to your classroom with an instant feeling of happiness, your students will see your passion and follow suit! Check out Lisa Taylor’s STEM area for ideas in your classroom. She also creates amazing STEM products in her TpT store! It is bright, happy and screams “MAKE SOMETHING GREAT” with the way she organizes using accessible bins with various items. This also makes clean up a snap for students to easily put materials away.


Amazing Classroom Decor
The Fairy Tale Teacher – Kirstian Bryant

Check out The Fairy Tale Teacher’s classroom where imagination meets blooms of color to engage her students and set a happy tone to the school day! Using your imagination to design your room is a great way to model for your students how they should use their imagination. Not sure what theme to pick? Consider leaving the room a blank canvas and let the students choose a theme and maybe even a class name. You can invite the students help create the decorations or help write a grant to obtain materials they want for their room.

Visual Editable Schedule for the Classroom

Classroom schedules can help spruce up your classroom and be a helpful tool to help students with transitions during the day. Check out this editable schedule for primary or intermediate classrooms! 

Flexible Seating Board

Rikki Heyman
Objectives in the Classroom

Rikki Heyman


Bulletin Boards are the best way to spruce up a classroom! Rikki Heyman has utilized hers to make a “Smart Spot” and another to place her learning objectives, so students can clearly see the targets they should be aiming for during lessons. She said, “Creating a learning environment is a lot of work, but well worth the community I get to share it with…” Do you have a spot in your classroom for placing learning objectives? Her “Smart Spot” board is used for students to be able to locate flexible seating choices. What child wouldn’t want to be in this class?

Add Some Color

Michael Behrens

Michael Behrens

Sometimes all you need is some great colors to brighten up the walls of a dull classroom! I love the way this room utilizes colorful pompoms, blue hanging paper lanterns, various forms of lighting, and the cute chalkboard table stands. Adding pennants and lanterns are fantastic ways to transform a classroom into a positive environment for learning.

Don’t forget about your doors. They are the first thing your students will look at in the morning! Either decorate your door, or for younger students, have a choice for them to pick for a MORNING GREETING (Grab the freebie!) or GOOD BYE. If you don’t have time to greet the students in the morning, let that be a student’s job. It can change the mood of a student who had a rough start at home.

Travel the World

Tropical Classroom Decor
Teacher’s Brain -Cindy Martin Tropical Themed Classroom

Want to bring Hawaii with you into the classroom for the year? Use this tropical themed classroom decor set that includes watercolors and real photos of Hawaii. Decorate some palm trees for holidays. Create a warm environment by using bamboo, beach colors and tropical decor in your classroom. Students can relax in beach chairs in the reading nook.

Colors make a Difference

Paint Cans as Table Markers and Pencil Holders
Paint Cans as Table Markers and Pencil Holders
Paint Cans as Pencil Holders
Paint Cans as Pencil Holders

Find you local home improvement store to find paint color sample strips. This will help you pick some colors that really go together, if you want to transform you classroom without having a particular themed room. You can find empty new paint cans there also. Use the paint cans as pencil holders, flower pots, spray on some chalk paint to easily use chalk to write table numbers, and use the lids for students to practice tracing circles. You can spray the lids with the same black chalk paint, add a magnet to the back and write your class schedule on the lids. So many possibilities! Whatever you decide, make it feel like your second home, because that is really what your classroom is to you and your students.