The Best Winter Olympics Activities For Elementary Students

The 2022 Winter Olympics are right around the corner! They will be taking place this year from February 4th to February 20th, 2022 in Beijing. I have always loved the Olympics and teaching about them when I was in the classroom because it is a time when the whole world comes together to celebrate and watch the world’s greatest athletes in awe.

Given that it only happens every 4 years, it is a pretty momentous occasion. This makes it a great teaching point in the classroom. You can tie so many subjects in with your Olympics lessons. History, social studies, geography, STEM, science, and more! 

I created these Winter Olympics Activities to use during the winter games to compliment my lessons about the Olympics. 

winter Olympics 2022

It covers multiple subjects like math, science, writing, history, and it even has some fun crafts included! 

These activities were created with early elementary students in mind so they’re ideal for kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd-grade students. They’ll learn about winter sports, traditions, and symbols as they complete these engaging activities. 

Winter Olympics

The Winter Sports Interactive Notebook is included for some extra educational fun. Other activities include Shadow Puppets of Winter Games, Winter Sports mini-book, The History of the Flame, Medal printables, and so much more. There are even instructions for making fake snow! 

Another resource that would be perfect for teaching about the Winter Olympics is one of my NEW resources, Winter Olympics STEM Challenge! 

Winter Olympics magnetic skater activity

This magnetic ice skating challenge is perfect for helping those younger students learn about ice skating, skates, magnets, number patterns, force, and motion while designing a magnetic ice skater that follows number patterns around a rink.

a sample of the magnetic ice skater activity

This activity comes with 3-day plans where students will sort magnetic objects, read the ice skating reading and comprehension questions, design their own magnetic skater, and reflect on their project. It also comes with writing paper and other printables you need to complete the activities. 

a photo of the Winter Olympics Magnetic Skater Activity

I hope your students love these Winter Olympics activities. They offer a variety of options that you can use throughout the duration of the Winter Olympics or while studying sports so that you can bring the festive excitement into your classroom. 

How will you be teaching about the Winter Olympics in your classroom? Let me know in the comments! 

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Celebrate the Number Two with a “TWOs-Day” | 2s Day | February 22, 2022

Themes always help with the engagement level in the classroom. I like to celebrate a number each day in kindergarten.  We can celebrate a number any time during the year, but this year in February is a PERFECT time to celebrate #2! It will be 2/2/22 or 2/22/22, so either day is a perfect day to learn all about the number two in Kindergarten or 1st Grade! February 22, 2022, falls on a Tuesday, so it makes for a great TWOs-Day theme day!

Grab this TWOs-Day Resource right now.


There are 30 pages that include:

  • Ideas on How to Celebrate Number 2
  • I Spy with a Magnifying glass (Primary and Intermediate)
  • Find the Pairs
  • TWOs-Day Coloring Page
  • Write 22 Words
  • February 2022 Printable Glasses
  • 100 Chart – Fill in the Blank Skip Counting
  • Writing Prompts (Primary and Intermediate Lined) If I had $22 and If I had $2
  • TWOs-Day Fun Fitness Activities Check-Off
  • I Can Count by 2s
  • Find all the 2s
  • CRAFT – HAT Skip Counting to 22
  • CRAFT – Make a 2 Man
  • Writing Prompts When I’m 22,
  • Mystery Pictures with Answer Keys (number 2 or number 22)
  • Mini Book (to, too, two)
  • To, Too and Two Fill in the Blank with Answer Key
  • Trace the Different Dates
  • If I Were 2 Years Old
  • Photos of Crafts

Twosday Hat


How to Celebrate the 120th Day of School Virtually

It’s a tradition in elementary school to celebrate when you reach a milestone in class. This could be reaching our reading goals, mastering sight words, counting, or reaching a certain number of days at school! 

For kindergarten, it’s typical to celebrate the 100th day of school. In first grade, however, it’s more standard to celebrate making it to 120 days instead. Counting to 120 is a goal for many first graders and this is a fun way to tie our celebration in with our class counting goals. 

If you are a teacher looking for some fun activities to do on the 120th day of school, you’re in the right spot! Here are some simple and exciting ways students can celebrate reaching this milestone. 

  1. Bring in 120 items. Students can find 120 pieces of an item at home to bring into the classroom. This gives them practice counting to 120 in a way that doesn’t feel like practice! Bonus, it is fun for students to show their classmates what they accomplished. They can bring 120 paperclips, beads, Legos, etc. 
  2. Draw yourself as a 120-year-old. This one is such a fun activity for students. Have them create a picture of themselves as a 120-year-old and write about it. 
  3. Create a frame with 120 boxes for students to put small snacks into (think cheerios, m&ms, or goldfish)

If you are teaching virtually or just looking for some activities that can be done easily online with your students (no cleanup!), I have you covered! 

These virtual 120th day of school activities give you several engaging activities to choose from to celebrate this exciting milestone.

120th day of school

Some activities included are: 

  1. 120-second scavenger hunt
  2. Make yourself or your teacher look 120 years old
  3. 120th-day fitness checklist
  4. 120th-day dot-art
  5. Narrative and opinion writing prompts
  6. Add 120 buttons to a sweater
  7. Make a clown
  8. And so much more! 

120th day of school

This resource is available on Google Slides so you can send it to your class virtually or use them in your classroom. Movable parts make this an interactive and hands-on activity that students will love. 

Want to learn more about how it works? Check out the video tutorial! 

There are so many ways to make this day special, even if you are teaching online. 

I hope you and your students have lots of silly fun with these activities!

120th day of school