3 Creative Ways to Teach Math Concepts in Kindergarten

Looking for some math activities for kindergarten that will engage your students and make math fun? You’re in the right place! 

math activities for kids

How can I make math fun for kindergarten or 1st grade? 

As early elementary teachers, we understand the importance of laying a solid foundation for mathematical understanding. So I’m sharing some of my favorite math activities that your students are sure to love. 

Math in Motion

Incorporate movement into your lessons by using activities like counting hops, jumps, or claps. This not only reinforces counting skills but also helps develop gross motor skills. Consider organizing a math scavenger hunt where students search for a certain number of objects in the classroom or even outside, turning learning into an exciting adventure.

Everyday Math Explorations

Bring real-life context into the classroom by exploring math in everyday scenarios. Create a pretend grocery store or a mini post office where students can use play money to practice addition and subtraction. This hands-on approach not only enhances mathematical skills but also cultivates a practical understanding of how math is applied in daily life.

Math Through Art

Fuse creativity with mathematics by incorporating art into your lessons. Have students create number collages, where each number is represented by a corresponding number of objects or images. This not only reinforces number recognition but also allows for self-expression and creativity. Additionally, explore geometric shapes through crafts, connecting visual arts to basic math concepts.

The sky is the limit with these math activities for elementary students! If you are looking for some math resources that your students can enjoy without much prep on your end, you’ll love these ready-to-go math activities! 

Spring Math Crafts

math crafts: math activities for kindergarten

Students LOVE crafts! What better way to engage students in learning math than incorporating some crafts with these differentiated activities? Students can review addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and you can use the editable PowerPoint to create your own problems if you can’t find what you are looking for with the pre-made worksheets.

Measurement and Data Math Centers

math activities for kindergarten: measurement and data math centers

Looking for a new way to engage your students in learning math? Creating an Addition Math Cafe or Math “Salad Bar” is an engaging way to hit target skills, ignite the students learning, and free you up to monitor learning or remediate. You can use these Measurement and Data “recipe” cards as task cards, set up a math cafe in your room for easy cleanup, or just use the printables in small or whole groups.

Kindergarten Math Centers Year-Long Bundle 

kindergarten math activities: math centers yearlong mega bundle

Looking for some kindergarten math centers for the entire year that will keep your students engaged in learning and hits all the standards? I have you covered with these Math “Salad Bar” or “Cafe” Centers. Students love it and you will too! Each center comes with printables, and a recipe card (task card) to help students identify materials to participate in the activity. 

If you are looking for more math fun, check out my post here for some free math centers!

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