5 Heartfelt and Creative DIY Crafts and Activities to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Can you believe Mother’s Day is just around the corner? This school year has absolutely flown by. As elementary school teachers, we have a golden opportunity to help our students show their love and appreciation for their amazing moms through fun and creative Mother’s Day crafts and Mother’s Day activities.

Are you planning to make some DIY Mother’s Day crafts with your students this year? If you are and aren’t sure what to make, I have you covered! 

What kind of activities can be done on Mother’s Day in school?

Here are a few ideas for some awesome DIY crafts and Mother’s Day gift ideas you can do with your students to celebrate all of the amazing mamas in their lives:

Homemade Cards

There’s nothing quite like a personalized card to show someone you care. Have your students create their own cards for their moms using all kinds of art supplies such as markers, stickers, glitter, and construction paper. You can check out my Mother’s Day card resource here! 

Flower Bouquets

Who doesn’t love flowers? Have your students create their own bouquets using tissue paper or construction paper. They can choose their mom’s favorite colors and types of flowers, and then arrange them in a vase or jar. Check out my flower card resource here! 

Photo Frames

Help your students create their own photo frames for their moms using materials such as popsicle sticks, cardboard, and paint. Encourage them to get creative with decorations and messages that express their love.

Coupon Books

Have your students get creative and fill it with things that they know their mom will love. Check out my coupon book resource here! 

Mother’s Day Tea Party

Who doesn’t love a good tea party? Host one in your classroom for moms and their children. Have your students prepare and serve tea and snacks, and create a warm and inviting atmosphere for this special occasion.

If you’re looking for the perfect resource to add to your tea party, you’ll love my Mother’s Day Tea Lapbook resource

mother's day crafts

Even if you can’t do a tea party, this craft makes a great DIY Mother’s Day craft for kids to give to their mothers. 

Mother's day gift ideas

Here’s what’s included: 

Pg. 1 Cover

Pg. 2 Table of Contents

Pg. 3 Directions

Pg. 4 Mom with Hair

Pg. 5 Mom Without Hair (add yarn to personalize)

Pg. 6 Tea Pot for Front Cover of Lapbook

Pg. 7 Arms and Title for Lapbook

Pg. 8 Coupon Book

Pg. 9 Cup of Tea (add a tea bag)

Pg. 10 Notes to add to Lapbook

Pg. 11 – 12 Mother’s Day Flap Book

Pg. 13 Pocket full of REASONS (with phones)

Pg. 14 Adjectives to describe MOM (This is an extra sheet I did not use in the Lapbook example. I added it in case you might want to be creative and change things around.)

Pg. 15 Photo of Lapbook Cover

Pg. 16 Photo of Lapbook Inside

Pg. 17 Photo of Extra Flower Adjective Activity

​​Pg. 18 Credits

Mother's day crafts

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Remember, the key is to encourage creativity and heartfelt expressions of love and appreciation. Let’s help our students celebrate their moms in a fun and meaningful way this Mother’s Day! 

For more fun activities for the classroom during the month of May, check out my post about Star Wars Day here!

What are your favorite Mother’s Day activities for school? Let me know in the comments!

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