Twosday 2022 | Celebrate the Number Two with a “TWOs-Day” | 2s Day | February 22, 2022

Themes always help with the engagement level in the classroom. I like to celebrate a number each day in kindergarten.  We can celebrate a number any time during the year, but this year in February is a PERFECT time to celebrate #2! It will be 2/2/22 or 2/22/22, so either day is a perfect day to learn all about the number two in Kindergarten or 1st Grade! February 22, 2022, falls on a Tuesday, so it makes for a great TWOs-Day theme day!

Grab this TWOs-Day Resource right now.


There are 30 pages that include:

  • Ideas on How to Celebrate Number 2
  • I Spy with a Magnifying glass (Primary and Intermediate)
  • Find the Pairs
  • TWOs-Day Coloring Page
  • Write 22 Words
  • February 2022 Printable Glasses
  • 100 Chart – Fill in the Blank Skip Counting
  • Writing Prompts (Primary and Intermediate Lined) If I had $22 and If I had $2
  • TWOs-Day Fun Fitness Activities Check-Off
  • I Can Count by 2s
  • Find all the 2s
  • CRAFT – HAT Skip Counting to 22
  • CRAFT – Make a 2 Man
  • Writing Prompts When I’m 22,
  • Mystery Pictures with Answer Keys (number 2 or number 22)
  • Mini Book (to, too, two)
  • To, Too and Two Fill in the Blank with Answer Key
  • Trace the Different Dates
  • If I Were 2 Years Old
  • Photos of Crafts

Need a VIRTUAL OPTION? Try these TWOS-DAY Virtual Google Slides for both in-person or virtual learning.

Twosday Hat


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