100th Day of School Activity Hat with 100 Dots


A simple 100th Day Hat Activity to teach about 10 groups of 10.



Looking for a super fun way to engage your students in learning how to group 10 into 10 groups to equal 100 for the 100th Day of school celebration? This 100th day of school hat is perfect for teaching the concept. Students can then show off what they know with the rest of the school by wearing it!


Print on cardstock. Color 10 groups of 10 dots using bingo paint dabbers, crayons, markers, or watercolors. Cut these 3 strips out, attach to the 100th Day strip for the headband, cut the 10 lines with the 100 dots keeping the bottom attached to the dot groups, and glue the bottom of the dot strips to the back of the 100th Day strip. (See sample)

2 pages plus a cover

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