Community Helpers Worksheets Activities | Kindergarten – 1st Grade NINE WEEKS


9 weeks of lesson plans, worksheets, and activities for students to learn all about community helpers!



Are you looking for lesson plans with printables to help you with teaching about community helpers? I have just what you need! This download is nine weeks of lessons designed to easily create a journal for students to use, INTERACTIVE Notebook pages, posters, and so much more!

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What is in this download?

Pg. 1 Cover
Pg. 2 Information on the Unit/Journal Set Up
Pg. 3 9 Weeks At A Glance
Pg. 4 Table of Contents
Pg. 5-13 Weekly Detailed Lesson Plans for 9 Weeks
Pg. 14 Home Connection Parent Letter
Pg. 15 Community Helpers JOURNAL COVER
Pg. 16-17 Word Bank for the Journal
Pg. 18 KWL
Pg. 19- 53 (Printables to insert as a journal or use individually covering Community Helpers, Tools and Equipment, and Today & Long Ago)
Pg. 54 RUBRIC for Journal (LAST PAGE of Journal)
Pg. 55- 63 Nine Interactive Notebook Pages (suggested to do once a week on Fridays)
Pg. 64-75 Community Helpers POSTERS
Pg. 76-78 Examples of how to put your Interactive Notebook Pages in a notebook.


Pg. 79 – 80 Poem/Songs
Pg. 81 Dial 911
Pg. 82 Cut and Label the Police Officer
Pg. 83 Cut and Label the Firefighter
Pg. 84 Community Helpers
Pg. 85 Volunteer Art Handprint Gift
Pg. 86 Sample of How to Make the Gift
Pg. 87 & 88 Police Office Hat/Headband
Pg. 89 Police Badges
Pg. 90 & 91 Firefighter Hat
Pg. 92 Credits

This is a 9 week unit on Community Helpers for primary aged students focused on K-1 skills. It is full of engaging activities keeping in mind the ages of the learners. It covers three areas: Community Jobs, Tools and Equipment for Jobs, and Today vs. Long Ago.

What is in this download?

  • 9 WEEKS of Suggested Lesson Plans (45 Days of Instruction)
  • Community Helper Posters
  • Social Studies Journal with a Rubric (pg. 8-47)
  • Home Connection (Invitation for Guest Speakers)

►9 Interactive Notebook Pages

►►► Extras: Hats, Songs, Links, Printables

What about the standards?

This was planned using the Florida State Social Studies Standards. They were cross-checked to hit most other state common standards for social studies.

This was designed with Kindergarten and First Grade in mind, but can be easily adapted to Pre-K. I designed it to works for writers and non-writers. It also follows a pattern to make it easier for students after the first week. The 9 Weeks At A Glance helps you identify K-1 goals, academic terms and resources.

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All rights reserved by the author.



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