Geography Kindergarten and 1st Grade – ME ON THE MAP BOOK


Kindergarten and 1st Grade
9 weeks of Geography Lessons and Crafts



Are you looking for an engaging way to get your students learning about geography? I have you covered with 9 WEEKS of lesson plans covering positional words, landforms, bodies of water, cardinal directions, maps, globes, personal information, and seasonal weather changes. It has crafts, interactive notebook pages, posters, ME ON THE MAP flip book, and a Write the Room Activity.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade, 9 weeks of lessons and crafts, 130 PAGES, PDF


⭐What is in this download?⭐

  • Pg. 1 Cover
  • Pg. 2 Information on the Unit/Journal Set Up
  • Pg. 3 9 Weeks At A Glance
  • Pg. 4 Table of Contents
  • Pg. 5-13 Weekly Detailed Lesson Plans for 9 Weeks
  • Pg. 14 Home Connection Parent Letter
  • Pg. 15 Geography JOURNAL COVER
  • Pg. 16 Word Bank for the Journal
  • Pg. 17 KWL
  • Pg. 18- 53 (Printables to insert as a journal or use individually covering 9 Weeks of Geography)
  • ✈ Week 1 Positional Words to Describe Locations
  • ✈ Week 2 Identify Maps and Globes
  • ✈ Week 3 Cardinal Directions
  • ✈ Week 4 Identify Land and Water on a Map
  • ✈ Week 5 School and Community Places
  • ✈ Week 6 Personal Information (phone # and address)
  • ✈ Week 7 Landforms
  • ✈ Week 8 Bodies of Water
  • ✈ Week 9 Seasonal Weather ❄️☁️☀️
  • Pg. 54 RUBRIC for Journal (LAST PAGE of Journal)
  • Pg. 55- 63 Nine Interactive Notebook Pages (suggested to do once a week on Fridays)
  • Pg. 64-67 An OPTIONAL Interactive Notebook (If you don’t already have one started for students to make create their pages.) Make 9 copies of page 66, if you use it for the Interactive Pages.
  • 68-80 POSTERS


Pg. 81 Label the Globe
Pg. 82-83 Earth Hat
Pg. 85 Compass Rose Poster
Pg. 86 Directional Signs for your classroom
Pg 87-91 Write the ROOM Activity
Pg. 92 -114 Picture Sorts
Pg. 115 Home Connection
Pg. 116-119 Me On the Map Book
Pg. 120-122 Landform Craft
Pg. 123-130 Pictures of how to put materials together.
Pg. 131 Credits

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All rights reserved by the author.







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