Fact and Opinion Worksheets | Doctor Diagnosis Activity | Centers


Students will become FACT Doctors for the day by looking at different patient charts to sort the facts from the opinions!


Be the teacher they remember with this engaging way to teach students critical thinking skills to recognize the difference between a fact and an opinion. Students will be FACT DOCTORS for the day to weed out the facts from the opinion diagnosis for patients!

What’s included? (42 pages)

  • Directions and Suggestions
  • Vocabulary Cards
  • Opinion Sentence Starter Poster
  • Station Labels (up to 7 plus a doctor hat station)
  • 7 Patient Cases with 3 Notes that have witnessed’ facts and opinions.
  • 1 EXAMPLE filled out to share with the class.
  • A Medical Case Journal for them to write the facts, opinions, and diagnoses. (2 sizes included)
  • A Rubric
  • Certificates
  • Craft Fact Doctor Hat
  • 3 Signs for Decor
  • Photos of my setup
  • Credits

There are 7 different patient cases for students to diagnose by figuring out what is fact and what is an opinion. Share the vocabulary cards and the Opinion Sentence Starters poster prior to the activity. Tell students that doctors must separate facts and opinions in order to properly diagnose a patient.

Have students dress up like doctors for the day if you are into themed days.

Every student gets a journal. 1 Case Chart with Task Note Cards for each center.


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