First Day of Kindergarten Crown | HAT Activities | Writing Prompts


Print and Go hats make a great activity for kindergarten students to practice fine motor skills.  They can wear the hat while they write about their day.  They will love when their parents ask about their first day.


Looking for an engaging activity to do with students to celebrate the first day of kindergarten? Have them create their own FIRST DAY of School hat to wear while using the provided writing prompt to explain their favorite part of the first day!

What’s in the download?

  • Pg. 1. Cover
  • Pg. 2 Table of Contents
  • Pg. 3 Directions with Photo
  • Pg. 4 Headband Strips to use with any Hat Choice

Headband Options:

  • Pg. 5 1st DAY IN K
  • Pg. 6 1st DAY IN K (with images on the K)
  • Pg. 7 I’m a Kindergartener (with a BUS)
  • Pg. 8 I’m ROCKING Kindergarten (with a guitar)
  • Pg. 9 First Day in K (with balloons)
  • Pg. 10-11 Writing Prompt – My Favorite Part of Kindergarten was… two types of lines provided.
  • Pg. 12 Credits

If you need editable hats for other grade levels try this resource: Editable First Day Hats

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