Open House Activity | All About Me Bobbleheads


Have a great Open House at school or Parent Night with these adorable Mini Me Bobbleheads!


Want to have the cutest OPEN HOUSE EVER? These printables will help students personalize an All About Me Page just in time for BACK TO SCHOOL. Students can design their favorite shirts, list their favorites, color, cut, paste together, and add yarn or doll hair to help make their All About Me poster special.

What is this download?

  • Pg. 1. Cover
  • Pg. 2 Table of Contents
  • Pg. 3 Directions
  • Pg. 4 All About Me Printable
  • Pg. 5 Head, Arms, & Bobblehead Strip
  • Pg. 6 Girl Skirt with Legs
  • Pg. 7 Boy Pants with Sneakers
  • Pg. 8 Shorts with Different Legs to Choose From
  • Pg. 9 Hat, Glasses, Bows, and Rain Boots (Optional Page)
  • Pg. 10 Different Option All About Me Printable
  • Pg. 11 Photo of Finished Project
  • Pg. 12 Photo
  • Pg. 13 Photos of How to Make a Waffle Fold for Bobbleheads
  • Pg. 14 Credits

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