KINDER GARDEN Dramatic Play Room Transformation | Plant Lesson Plans


Transform your classroom to look like a garden shop! Lesson plans include math, writing, science, and reading while learning all about plants.


Looking for a great spring theme to keep your students engaged with a variety of plant-themed activities? I have you covered with these garden-themed printables to transform your kindergarten room, dramatic play area, and plant-themed lesson plans!

Students are motivated to learn when your room transforms! This makes it easy for you to turn your room into a garden shop. There are 3 weeks of plant lesson plans, posters, banners, journals, rubrics, signs, labels, home connection activities, STEM activities, worksheets, and 10 center stations included.

What’s in this download?

  • Pg. 1 Cover
  • Pg. 2 Table of Contents
  • Pg.3 A Note To Teachers
  • Pg.4 Standards
  • Pg. 5 Week 1 Lesson Plans Introduction on Plants Parts
  • Pg 6 Week 2 Lesson Plans Plants (needs)
  • Pg. 7 Week 3 Lesson Plans Focusing on Plants (needs and life-cycle)
  • Pg. 8 Home Connections Project Letter for Parents
  • Pg. 9-10 KWL
  • Pg. 10 Parts of a Plant Song
  • Parts of a Plant Wheel
  • Pg. 12-13 Parts of a Plant WHEEL
  • Pg. 14 Cut and Paste Plant and Animal Activity
  • Pg. 15 Cut and Paste Garden Tools vs Garden Animals
  • Pg. 16-19 Make a Seed Starter Window Craft to Grow a Seed (with I CAN statements)
  • Pg. 20-21 I can Sort and Count Seeds
  • Pg. 22 Sort Plant Parts
  • Pg. 23 Parts of a Seed Label
  • Pg. 24 Be A SEED Detective (dissect a seed)
  • Pg. 25 Label Parts of a Flower
  • Pg. 26-27 What do plants need? WHEEL Craft
  • Pg. 28-29 STEM EXPERIMENT – Turn a white carnation into a blue carnation.
  • Pg. 20-31 Plant Life Cycle WHEEL Craft
  • Pg. 32-33 Writing the Plant Life Cycle
  • Pgs. 34-40 Write the Room Garden Words Activity
  • Pg. 41-42 Venn Diagram (Flower, Tree) with Answer Key
  • Pg. 43 I SPY Plant Parts & Needs
  • Pg. 44-46 Make Pinwheel Flowers
  • Pgs. 47-50 Garden-Themed Mini Books
  • Pg. 51 Id Plants & Animals
  • Pgs. 52-55 Stamp or Sticker Stories
  • Pg. 56 Garden Words Stamping Center
  • Pg. 57-59 Circle Sunflower Life Cycle Book
  • Pgs. 60-71 Garden Journal (Primary or Intermediate Lines)
  • Pg. 72 Journal RUBRIC
  • Pg. 73 We Dig Plants HAT
  • Pgs. 74-84 Room Transformation Signs (customer, cashier, welcome, business hours, sale, open, closed, plant area, caterpillar observation area, ladybug area)
  • Pgs. 85-88 Blank and pre-made sales tags
  • Pg. 89-92 Bin Labels for Garden Items
  • Pgs. 93-98 Plant Identifiers (one blank to add your own)
  • Pages 99-100 Plant Study to Identify Plant Parts
  • Pg. 101-106 Seed Journal to Collect Data
  • Pg. 107-115 Garden Order Area with Gift Note Cards
  • Pg. 116 – 119 Inventory Lists with Color Flower Cards
  • Pg. 120 Small Medium Large Plant Signs
  • Pages 121-129 Illustration Station to design flowers, a vase, or flowerpot
  • Pgs. 130-131 Plant Dough Station
  • Pg. 132-136 Caterpillar Counting or Sight Word Craft
  • 137- Dirt Cup Recipe
  • Pgs. 138-147 Tangram Posters
  • Pg. 148-161 Vocabulary POSTERS
  • Pgs. 162 -185 Color and Black and White Banners
  • Pg. 186-190 FLOWER CLOCK Pattern
  • Pgs. 191-197 Bulletin Board
  • Pgs. 198-203 Word Wall Garden Words
  • Pgs. 204-205 Certificates
  • Pg. 206 -207 Photo & Credits

Check out the preview!

This is made specifically for KINDERGARTEN but can be adapted to pre-k or 1st grade.

Check out the preview!


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