STEM Activities and Challenges | Toothpick 2D 3D SHAPE Mats


Use the Shape Mats to build a 3D and 3D Shape with toothpicks, playdough, or gumdrops.



Are you looking for some fun STEM ideas to incorporate into building geometry skills with 2D and 3D Shapes? I have you covered with these Build A Shape Mats! Print and laminate. Students build it with toothpicks and molding dough (you can use marshmallows or gumdrops instead), count the toothpicks, sides, vertices, and trace the words!

What is inside:


  • Pg. 3 Triangle Mat
  • Pg. 4 Square Mat
  • Pg. 5 Rhombus Mat
  • Pg. 6 2D Rectangle Mat
  • Pg. 7 Diamond Mat
  • Pg. 8 Pentagon Mat
  • Pg. 9 Hexagon Mat
  • Pg. 10 Octagon Mat
  • Pg. 11 Trapezoid Mat
  • Pg. 12 Data Collection 2D Shapes


  • Pg. 13 Cube
  • Pg. 14 Prism
  • Pg. 15 Pyramid
  • Pg. 16 Tetrahedron
  • Pg. 17 Cuboid (page 22 has the same images but uses Rectangular Prism instead of Cuboid.)
  • Pg. 18 Hexagonal Prism
  • Pg. 19 ED Shapes Data Collection Page
  • Pg. 20-21 Answer Keys
  • Pg. 22 Rectangular Prism (If needed to exchange for Cuboid.)
  • Pg. 23 – 24 PHOTOS
  • Pg. 25 Credits

⭐ Encourage Thinking
⭐ Shape Recognition
⭐ Sides and Vertices
⭐ Problem Solving Skills

❤️ This is perfect for centers!

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