Simple Strategies to Teach Alphabet Letter Writing In Elementary

As teachers to little learners, we know the crucial role that letter writing plays in developing strong literacy skills. Kindergarten is an exciting time for the kiddos to embark on their journey of reading and writing, and mastering the ABCs is a foundational step! 

If you’re wondering how to teach alphabet writing, you’re in the right place. 

letter writing activities

In this blog post, I’ll share some friendly tips and engaging activities that will help your kindergartners practice and perfect their alphabet letter writing skills. So, grab your favorite marker and let’s dive in!

Introduce Letter Writing Gradually

Begin by introducing the letters of the alphabet one by one, focusing on both uppercase and lowercase forms. Each week, dedicate time to a specific letter, allowing ample practice before moving on to the next. Encourage students to trace the letters using their fingers or with tactile materials, fostering familiarity with the shapes and strokes.

Multisensory Approach

Engage your students’ senses and make it FUN by incorporating a variety of activities to reinforce letter writing. Use playdough to shape letters, allowing them to experience the tactile sensation. Draw letters in sand or shaving cream for a sensory experience that reinforces muscle memory. This multisensory approach not only makes learning enjoyable but also supports their kinesthetic and visual learning styles.

Letter Formation Songs and Rhymes

What kiddo doesn’t love music and rhymes?! Use catchy tunes or create your own letter formation songs to help children remember the proper formation of each letter. Singing and dancing along to the songs not only makes learning fun but also helps reinforce the visual and auditory aspects of letter recognition and writing.

Letter Tracing Activities

Provide your students with tracing worksheets that guide them in forming letters correctly. Just make sure that the worksheets have large, clear letters, and ample space for practice. You can encourage them to use a variety of writing tools, such as markers, crayons, or colored pencils, to keep their interest high. You can also laminate the worksheets to create reusable surfaces, allowing for repetitive practice.

Hands-on Manipulatives

Incorporate hands-on manipulatives to make letter writing interactive. Use magnetic letters, foam letters, or letter tiles for children to arrange and build words. This not only reinforces letter recognition but also helps students associate sounds with symbols, building phonemic awareness alongside letter writing skills.

Letter Writing Crafts and Art Projects

Combine creativity with letter writing by incorporating alphabet crafts and art projects. Encourage children to create collages using magazine cut-outs of objects that begin with the letter they are learning. They can also form letters using various materials like pipe cleaners, yarn, or clay. You can even get some finger-paint out and allow them to create art by painting letters! These activities not only reinforce letter formation but also foster fine motor skills.

If you are looking for the perfect resource for alphabet letter writing or letter writing activities, I have you covered! 

Grab the Alphabet Writing Practice Pages, Tracing Worksheets & Crafts Bundle! 

letter writing activities

Letter recognition and sounds are so important for students to grasp quickly and what better way than to practice! Use these printables and crafts in centers, whole group, small group, or for homework. This is an A-Z bundle!

These provide hands-on options as well as worksheets to help with busy mornings. Students will learn how to work independently after the first couple of letter sets are used because every unit follows the same pattern. There are plenty of things to choose from for the week if you are doing a letter a week. Students will practice fine motor skills with writing, cutting, and tracing.

letter writing activities

What is the download?

  • Letter A (16 printables which includes 3 crafts, a spinning game, letter identification, forming letters, playdough letters, BINGO daubing, tracing letters (upper and lowercase), letter sounds, and beginning sounds of words.) 
  • Letter B (16 printables which includes 3 crafts, a spinning game, letter identification, forming letters, playdough letters, BINGO daubing, tracing letters, letter sounds, and beginning sounds of words.) See Previews
  • Letters C-Z (These will follow the same format as units for letters A & B, but with different crafts.) 
  • Over 450 Print & Go pages
letter writing practice

Want to try it out first? No problem! Grab the freebie here! 

letter activities

If you love these ideas, I share even more alphabet practice activities here! 

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