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Earth Day Activities For Elementary Students

A very special and important holiday is quickly approaching- Earth Day! 

Earth Day 2022 is coming up on April 22nd, and it is the perfect time to teach students about our planet and the importance of conservation efforts. We need our planet and it is more important than ever to take whatever steps we can to improve our environment. 

So what can students do for Earth Day?

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To celebrate Earth Day in your classroom, it’s important that we start by explaining why this holiday is so important. When I was in the classroom, I would begin by teaching students about our planet and what it needs from us. I explained to them that no matter how small their actions are, they are making a difference. It’s a great way to inspire students to be an Earth hero!  

Here are some lessons and Earth Day activities for kids to learn about protecting our environment

  • Take a walk around the school or playground and pick up any trash. Take this as an opportunity to teach students how this harms our environment. 
  • Teach students why it is so important to always turn off water when you aren’t using it and making sure it is completely off
  • We need trees in order to have oxygen! Teach your students how they can care for the environment by planting a tree. This is a hands-on activity that has a big impact. 
  • Read books about protecting our planet and caring for the environment or watch movies and have a discussion about it after about how students can be more eco-friendly in their own lives.  
  • Teach students about the importance of recycling. Explain landfills and how recycling reusable materials can help our planet. Don’t forget to tell them about what materials can be recycled and how they can do it. You can help them practice by going around the school and identifying recyclable materials. 

Looking for virtual Earth Day activities? Take your recycling lesson to the next level with a virtual field trip!

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This fun and engaging digital resource lets your students “visit” a recycling center! 

Use these interactive, editable Google Slides to easily have students copy and paste movable parts, learn about Earth Day, recycling, what to bring on a trip and so much more! This is perfect if you’re looking to do Earth Day activities at home while distance learning or in the classroom. 

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Here’s what’s included: 

  • KWL Chart
  • Packing A Suitcase for the Trip
  • 1 Minute Take OFF Flight Video
  • 7 minute Field Trip Video (Earth Day, Car Ride to different Recycling Centers, Train Ride)
  • Sequencing Events, 2 Writing Prompts, Counting Objects (under 10), Labeling Parts, Recycling Song, and Comprehension Questions
  • One extra slide for you to add anything you would like to the lesson. (videos or an assignment)
  • Home Connection Optional Assignment for students to build something with recycled materials. 
  • Black and white ink-saving Writing Pages and Home Connection Page for in-person teaching.

Easily share through Google Classroom to collect information or share from your computer to Zoom or Meets. Students move images, add text, and moving parts to get plenty of writing and computer practice!

Earth day activities for students resource preview

What are your favorite Earth Day activities for elementary? Let me know in the comments!