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3 Exciting Earth Day Activities to Celebrate with Your Elementary Students

As Earth Day approaches, it’s the perfect time to engage our elementary students in activities that promote environmental awareness and responsibility. If you are looking for engaging Earth Day activities for kids, you’re in the right place! 

earth day activities

What are 3 things we can do to support Earth Day? Here are some Earth Day activity ideas for your elementary students! 

Trash to Treasure Collage

Engage your elementary students in a creative exploration of recycling with the Trash to Treasure Collage activity. Begin by discussing the significance of recycling and reducing waste. Provide students with magazines, newspapers, glue, scissors, and construction paper. Encourage them to cut out images or words related to Earth Day and recycling, and then create unique collages on construction paper using these recycled materials. 

The objective is to turn what might be considered “trash” into a meaningful work of art. After completion, have students share their collages with the class, articulating the reasons behind their choices and reinforcing the importance of recycling.

Earth Day Pledges

Foster a sense of personal responsibility and commitment to the environment by conducting the Earth Day Pledges activity. Initiate a class discussion about Earth Day and the actions individuals can take to positively impact the planet. Encourage students to brainstorm and write down their personal pledges on large sheets of construction paper. They can use markers, crayons, and stickers to decorate their pledges creatively. 

Display the pledges prominently in the classroom, creating a visual reminder of each student’s commitment to making eco-friendly choices and contributing to a healthier Earth.

Planting a Classroom Garden

Immerse your elementary students in the wonders of nature and plant life by organizing a Planting a Classroom Garden activity. Begin with a discussion on the essential role of plants in maintaining a healthy environment. Explain the life cycle of plants, from seed germination to full growth. Provide each student with small pots or cups, soil, and a variety of seeds. Guide them in planting their seeds and caring for their mini-gardens. 

Create a designated area in the classroom or schoolyard for the class garden, allowing students to observe and nurture their plants as they grow. This hands-on experience not only teaches valuable lessons about nature but also instills a sense of responsibility for the well-being of our planet.

Looking for pre-made Earth Day activities for elementary that will get your students excited about saving the planet? Look no further! Here are some fun Earth Day activities that your students will love.

Earth Day Virtual Field Trip to a Recycling Center

Be every student’s favorite teacher by taking them to the recycling center! Virtual Field trips are a great way to engage students in learning.  Use these interactive, editable Google Slides to easily have students copy and paste movable parts, learn about Earth Day, recycling, what to bring on a trip and so much more!

Earth Day Activities and Writing Crafts

Looking for some engaging Earth Day activities for your kiddos that will help them understand the importance of caring for Earth? I have you covered with this unit! It has a week lesson plan, ideas, extra crafts, opinion writing, and more!

Earth Day Activities and Opinion Writing

Are you looking for an easy way to teach about this important day? I have you covered with an Editable digital Google Classroom™ Option and a PDF for you to easily make low-ink copies for students in the future. Opinion Writing is included in this download.

Students who are participating in the digital option will have easy-to-identify text boxes to edit with directions. They can insert images and text.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate this holiday with your students? Let me know in the comments! 
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3 Writing Activities to Get Students Excited About Writing

Writing is an essential part of learning in elementary. It’s a foundational skill that students will use again and again throughout their lives. Needless to say, we have to practice, practice, practice! 

writing activities for kids

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done sometimes. Our younger students can get tired and bored, so it’s up to us to add some fun and excitement to our writing lessons.

If you’re looking for writing activities for elementary students, you’re in the right place. I’ve got three exciting and engaging writing activities that will turn your classroom into a hub of creativity.

But first, you may be wondering…

How do I make writing fun? 

These are 3 of my favorite activities that get students fully engaged and excited to write: 

Seasons Would You Rather Opinion Writing Activities for Kids

writing activities for kids

Be every student’s favorite teacher by making writing enjoyable! Would You Rather Prompts are a great way to get your students engaged in writing their opinions about each season. Use these interactive, editable Google Slides to easily have students show one or two fingers to share their choice. Then have them write why they chose what they did. 

Opinion Writing with Cookies Activity

writing activities for kids

Do you need an engaging lesson to teach opinion writing? Opinion Writing with Cookies is a student favorite! Add some cookies and watch the creative writing flow. 

Comic Strip Templates Writing Activities

writing activities comic book templates

Want to find a great creative writing assignment for students with comic strip templates? There are over 100 templates with examples and posters to teach children about design elements, sequencing, character design, and how to organize information!

These are great for interactive notebooks, early finishers, inside recess, writing centers, morning work, or just for fun! Use to teach sequencing, onomatopoeia, writing, character elements, speech bubbles, or storytelling!

Your students are guaranteed to love this activity! 

I hope you and your students have a blast with these writing activities for kids! If you want more writing fun, you can check out my post here!

What are your favorite ways to make writing fun for your students? Let me know in the comments!

5 Bulletin Board Ideas for Your Elementary Classroom

Looking for bulletin board ideas for your next classroom masterpiece? 

I have always loved decorating a new bulletin board for my students. It’s the best way to showcase student work, share what we are focusing on, and display the hard work of the students. It’s so motivating and fun! 

bulletin board ideas

If you are looking for creative bulletin board ideas, simple bulletin board ideas, or unique bulletin board ideas for school, you’re in the right place! 

I’m sharing some of my favorite resources to make your bulletin board look spectacular! 

How do I make my bulletin board look nice? Here are my best tips: 

  • Choose a Theme: Pick a theme related to your classroom or the season.
  • Color Coordination: Use a coordinated color scheme for a visually appealing look.
  • Bold Title: Feature a clear and bold title to set the tone.
  • Visual Appeal: Add engaging visuals like student work or decorations.
  • Organization: Keep content neat and well-organized.
  • Interactive Elements: If possible, make it interactive with pockets or goal-setting sections.
  • Seasonal Touches: Include seasonal decorations for a fresh look.
  • Consistency: Maintain a consistent design for a cohesive appearance.
  • Creativity: Be creative with personal touches and different materials.
  • Regular Updates: Change content periodically to keep it interesting.

Looking for the perfect bulletin board ideas for elementary? Check out my favorite bulletin board resources! 

SPRING Bulletin Board | Growth Mindset

bulletin board ideas growth mindset bulletin board resource

Need a bulletin board that fosters a Growth Mindset and encourages your students to set goals? Look no further! This resource will help you create a beautiful bulletin board that will not only brighten up your classroom but also empower your students to embrace challenges and strive for success.

Rainbow of Possibilities Bulletin Board Set

bulletin board ideas

Explore a fun bulletin board that sparks imagination and prompts students to ponder future possibilities. With an exciting PRINT AND GO writing activity and an eye-catching bulletin board title, displaying your student’s work will be a breeze!

POETRY Bulletin Board Ideas | SPRING | National Poetry Month

poetry bulletin board ideas

 Celebrate National Poetry Month with a bulletin board that inspires creativity and showcases your students’ poetic talents. This resource includes a PRINT AND GO writing activity coupled with a captivating bulletin board title to beautifully display their poetic masterpieces.

Editable Birthday Chart Display | Bulletin Board | Classroom Decor

birthday bulletin board set

Ensure everyone knows when to celebrate by using an editable PowerPoint to display your students’ birthdays. Choose from black and white templates or add a burst of color to your classroom. Perfect for doors, bulletin boards, or chalkboards!

Movie Theater Biography | Superhero Biography for Bulletin Boards

superhero bulletin board ideas

Turn your classroom into a theater where every student is a star! Download a free Star Bio template for a Movie Themed Unit, complete with a Superhero BIO option for a Superhero Theater Day. Let the creativity shine as your students become the stars of their own biographies!

Bulletin Board – Kindness – Free

bulletin board ideas

Spread kindness like confetti with a bulletin board that captures and celebrates acts of kindness in your class. Discover the letters and setup used to create an inspiring board that reads, “Our Class loves to Throw KINDNESS Around Like Confetti.” Watch as your students’ kind deeds transform your classroom into a positive and uplifting space!
I hope you love these bulletin board resources as much as I do! For more bulletin board fun, check out this friendship resource!

Fun Ways To Celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day

Johnny Appleseed Day is coming up on September 26th, and that means it’s the perfect time to teach your students about who he is and celebrate apples! 

This holiday is all about appreciating apples and the legacy of a remarkable individual who planted apple trees across the country. If you are looking for some Johnny Appleseed Day activities and resources to have an engaging lesson to celebrate Johnny Appleseed and his favorite fruit, you’re in the right place! 

Johnny appleseed

How do you celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day?

Learn about who he was

Start by learning about the life and adventures of Johnny Appleseed! You can read books, watch videos on YouTube, or have a special lesson in class about this important historical figure. Understanding his love for apples and his contributions to our country is a great way to begin your celebration!

Do some apple themed arts and crafts

Get creative with apple-themed arts and crafts activities. Try making apple prints, drawing Johnny Appleseed’s character, or creating colorful posters that showcase the importance of apple trees. These hands-on projects will help your students express their creativity while celebrating Johnny Appleseed.

Go Apple tasting at an Apple Orchard

If possible, take a field trip! Explore the world of apples by tasting different apple varieties and, if possible, visiting a local apple orchard. Create a mini apple tasting event where you and your classmates can sample various apples and discuss your favorites. If you go to an orchard, learn about the apple-growing process and pick some apples to take home.

Plant your own apple seeds

Consider planting your own apple seeds or small apple tree saplings. This hands-on activity can help you understand the process of growing apple trees and appreciate the work this historical figure did. Over time, you can watch your apple trees grow and even produce apples of your own!

Try out some apple themed snacks and treats

End your celebration with some delicious apple-themed snacks and treats. Make apple pie, apple crisp, or apple muffins in class or at home. You can also enjoy a healthy snack of sliced apples with caramel or peanut butter. Sharing these tasty treats with your classmates is a great way to wrap up your celebration.

Looking for some easy, print and go Johnny Appleseed resources that you can easily incorporate into your lessons? I have you covered! 

Johnny appleseed

Check out this Johnny Appleseed Activities Bundle! 

Johnny appleseed activities

This bundle has it all! Crafts, writing, a digital escape, reading, math, science, and art activities! 

Johnny appleseed activities

7 Products Bundled

Craft Hat & Journal

Apple Glasses

Apple Math

Digital Escape Room (Reading and Problem Solving)

Puppet & Pop Art

Apple Sauce & Apple Pie Recipe

Biography (Week-long unit)

Opinion Writing & More

Celebrating Johnny Appleseed is such a fun activity for the fall! I hope you and your students love these Johnny Appleseed activities and  ideas as much as I do! For more activities to do with your students this fall, check out my post here!