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3 Engaging Leap Year Activities for Elementary Students

As we leap into a new year, let’s not forget the extra-special phenomenon that graces our calendars every four years – Leap Year! 

This unique occurrence offers a fantastic opportunity to infuse some excitement into our classrooms and turn learning into a leap-tastic adventure. 

If you’re looking for leap year activities for elementary school, you’re in the right place!  I’m sharing three simple, yet educational Leap Year crafts and activities to celebrate Leap Day with your elementary students. 

leap year activities

Check out these three simple Leap Year activity ideas: 

Activity #1: Leap Frog Crowns

Create adorable Leap Frog Crowns with your elementary students using green construction paper, googly eyes, glue, scissors, and string. Cut a circle for the frog’s face, fold it for the mouth, and add strips for the headband. Let the kids unleash their creativity by decorating with googly eyes and smiles. Assemble the crowns, attach a string, and have a Leap Parade where they can hop around the room, celebrating Leap Year in style!

Activity #2: Leap Year Math Fun

Engage your students in Leap Year Math Fun by providing them with puzzles related to addition, subtraction, or multiplication. You can find ready-made puzzles or create your own. Watch as the kids solve these puzzles to reveal cool Leap Year facts or pictures. Encourage them to share their discoveries with the class, turning math into an enjoyable and educational celebration.

Activity #3: Leap Year Time Capsules

Get your students excited about the passage of time with Leap Year Time Capsules. Have them write letters to their future selves, detailing their current interests, goals, and favorite memories. Using small containers or jars, let the students decorate their time capsules with crayons, markers, and stickers. Seal the capsules, creating a special memento. Explain that these time capsules will be opened in the next Leap Year, fostering anticipation and a meaningful connection to the years ahead. This activity not only celebrates Leap Year but also encourages reflection and creativity in your classroom.

If you’re looking for some simple, ready-made Leap Year activities to celebrate Leap Day or Leap Year with your students, I have you covered! 

Check out my Leap Year 2024 Activities and Crafts resource

leap year activities

This resource is a collection of engaging materials that span reading, writing, and math activities. Plus, there are a couple of delightful crafts thrown in to foster a strong home connection and make learning about Leap Year an exciting adventure!

What is in this Download?

Suggested Lesson Plan

Optional Cover for a Journal

LEAP YEAR EXPLAINED (primary students)

LEAP YEAR EXPLAINED (Intermediate students with Q&A)

Writing Prompts (primary and intermediate lines)

Draw an animal that jumps.

February Calendar (Fill in the numbers, cut and paste the numbers and the regular calendar)

Frog Counting, 1 More and 1 Less

Posters (Leap, Leap Year)

Leap Year Frog Hat

Leap Year Glasses


What are your favorite Leap Year activities to do with your students? Let me know in the comments! 

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