The Benefits of Assigning Spring Break Packets in Elementary

Spring break is right around the corner and it’s something teachers and students alike look forward to. Because let’s face it, the school year can get a little hectic and stressful and breaks give a much-needed reprieve for everyone! 

However, if you have any students, or parents, that are needing a little extra practice over break, spring break packets are the way to go. 

While it’s most important for students to get lots of rest and relaxation during spring break, it can be a great time to squeeze in a little extra practice without the pressure of regular school hours and daily learning. 

spring break worksheets

Here are some more benefits of using spring break packets for your elementary students. 

  1. Keeps up the momentum from the regular day-to-day learning. It’s easy to forget a thing or two over spring break and a set of worksheets can be the perfect way to defeat that. 
  2. Helps develop independence in learning. During the school day, students have teachers to tell them which activities to do and when. By assigning a packet for students to do over break, it gives them a chance to exercise their autonomy and independence with learning.
  3. Boosts responsibility. Assigning a packet to your students and leaving it up to them to make sure it’s done is a great way to build responsibility. As they get into the upper elementary and middle school grades, this is an important skill to have as they will need to take more responsibility for their own learning outcomes. 

Needless to say, I highly recommend spring break packets or spring break worksheets for elementary students! 

If you’re looking for a spring break packet that you can assign to your elementary students, I have you covered! 

This Spring Break Packet resource includes engaging practice worksheets for students in pre-k up to 5th grade! 

These print-and-go packets are perfect for students to use for independent work, with their parents, or with a tutor. They include review for subjects like reading, writing, and math.  

Each packet is designed to help and encourage students to review skills over Spring Break. In order to make this a fun challenge, you will see I included several different covers to choose from while creating your classroom’s packet. I suggest telling students that this is not mandatory, but they will get something for completing the packet. It could be a homework pass, pizza party, trip to the library, or extra recess. This packet is their “TICKET” to the prize!

Pick and choose what works for your class to design your own packet. Our county only gets a week, so I would usually pick 15 to 25 printables to include for students to be able to complete without feeling like they are burdened with too much work. 

Here’s what’s included: 

* 7 Packets (downloads) for Pre-K, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, and Fifth Grade.  Some of the packets do have a few printables that are the same as other packets if they meet the same standard. Most printables are new designs that hit standards required for the specific grade level.

* Each Packet has a reading log, grade-specific sight words, word banks for writing, comprehension activities, and math activities.

Don’t want the bundle? No problem! You can buy each packet individually as well if you prefer only your grade level.

spring break packet
spring break packet
spring break packet

For summer packets, you can check out my resource here! 

Are you assigning spring break packets? Let me know in the comments!

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