What are Blurt Beans?

Blurt Beans are beans you want to use to help remind students to STOP blurting out during your lessons.  Blurt beans do work in helping students to identify the number of times they interrupt or blurt out during class.

How Blurt Beans Work

You will have a jar full of beans (coffee beans, dried beans, jelly beans) that you will use to store your beans. Each student will get 5 blurt beans. Please note you could do this for a classroom that won’t stay in their seat and call them Jumping Beans. As soon as a student blurts out, they will put a bean back in that jar.  You will have a second jar with 3 or 4 lines to mark reward points.  At the end of the day, students will pour the beans they have left on their desks into the reward jar.  When the jar reaches a reward point, they earn that reward.

What Kinds of Rewards

I like to let students pick their rewards.  It helps them to take ownership in the process. Some ideas are extra recess, reading time, library time, lollipops, movie day, ice cream, virtual field trips or maybe an escape room.  Let the students come up with 3 or 4 that start off small and the highest goal will be the biggest reward.

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Once beans are earned they cannot be taken away from them. They need to trust that you won’t change the rules on them after earning the reward.  Soon students recognize their behavior and begin to change.  You can lessen the rewards to 2 or a single reward after they learn how to keep their beans.

Want to learn more about Blurt Beans for Classroom Management? Look HERE.



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