Writing Prompts For Every Day Of The Year

One of the most important things we teach in elementary school is reading and writing. These skills provide so many valuable benefits for students. Being able to express yourself, your thoughts, and your ideas is a great way to share and communicate. 

writing prompts

These skills will continue to be important as they write resumes, emails, cover letters, articles, or whatever else their future careers require of them. Developing these skills early is crucial to success. 

Writing takes practice, and a lot of it. Our younger students aren’t necessarily naturals at telling stories. It is up to us to teach them about a beginning, middle, and end. We must also remember to teach them the importance of adding details to their writing for better reader comprehension. 

With lots of practice and direction, students will eventually become great writers, readers, and better communicators. 

When I was in the classroom, I made time for writing every day, no matter what! It was important to me that my students got ample time to practice and hone those writing skills. It was amazing to see the progress they have made with their writing skills at the end of the year! 

To keep writing exciting, I provided fun and creative prompts for them. Having something different every day would spark their imagination, creativity, and keep them from getting bored with it. 

This lead me to create these writing prompts for every day of the year. 

You read that right- every day! 365 writing prompts so you can always add variety into your writing time. These writing prompts are themed to go along with the month so you’ll get some Halloween and Christmas writing prompts too. 

writing prompts

Each month comes with a journal cover that students can color and make their own. Each journal has a rubric, self-checking list at the bottom of each prompt, a word bank, along with the decorative cover. Just print and staple!

 You can use them as quick writes or add a second page of extra lines in between each prompt to encourage more writing. One of the student’s favorite activities with these writing prompts is when I asked for volunteers to read their writing to the whole class. I only picked a couple a day because of time, but it is what motivated them to become better writers. They knew someone might hear their words. It gave their writing meaning.

writing prompts

There is a themed word bank in front of the journal with room for students to add their own words. This allows them to feel ownership when they get to add their own words. I would also have students use the Self Check off at the bottom of each page to remind them of their writing expectations. Then, I asked them to each take a green crayon to highlight their capital letters, and a red crayon to highlight their punctuation.

Happy Writing!


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