5 Bulletin Board Ideas for Your Elementary Classroom

Looking for bulletin board ideas for your next classroom masterpiece? 

I have always loved decorating a new bulletin board for my students. It’s the best way to showcase student work, share what we are focusing on, and display the hard work of the students. It’s so motivating and fun! 

bulletin board ideas

If you are looking for creative bulletin board ideas, simple bulletin board ideas, or unique bulletin board ideas for school, you’re in the right place! 

I’m sharing some of my favorite resources to make your bulletin board look spectacular! 

How do I make my bulletin board look nice? Here are my best tips: 

  • Choose a Theme: Pick a theme related to your classroom or the season.
  • Color Coordination: Use a coordinated color scheme for a visually appealing look.
  • Bold Title: Feature a clear and bold title to set the tone.
  • Visual Appeal: Add engaging visuals like student work or decorations.
  • Organization: Keep content neat and well-organized.
  • Interactive Elements: If possible, make it interactive with pockets or goal-setting sections.
  • Seasonal Touches: Include seasonal decorations for a fresh look.
  • Consistency: Maintain a consistent design for a cohesive appearance.
  • Creativity: Be creative with personal touches and different materials.
  • Regular Updates: Change content periodically to keep it interesting.

Looking for the perfect bulletin board ideas for elementary? Check out my favorite bulletin board resources! 

SPRING Bulletin Board | Growth Mindset

bulletin board ideas growth mindset bulletin board resource

Need a bulletin board that fosters a Growth Mindset and encourages your students to set goals? Look no further! This resource will help you create a beautiful bulletin board that will not only brighten up your classroom but also empower your students to embrace challenges and strive for success.

Rainbow of Possibilities Bulletin Board Set

bulletin board ideas

Explore a fun bulletin board that sparks imagination and prompts students to ponder future possibilities. With an exciting PRINT AND GO writing activity and an eye-catching bulletin board title, displaying your student’s work will be a breeze!

POETRY Bulletin Board Ideas | SPRING | National Poetry Month

poetry bulletin board ideas

 Celebrate National Poetry Month with a bulletin board that inspires creativity and showcases your students’ poetic talents. This resource includes a PRINT AND GO writing activity coupled with a captivating bulletin board title to beautifully display their poetic masterpieces.

Editable Birthday Chart Display | Bulletin Board | Classroom Decor

birthday bulletin board set

Ensure everyone knows when to celebrate by using an editable PowerPoint to display your students’ birthdays. Choose from black and white templates or add a burst of color to your classroom. Perfect for doors, bulletin boards, or chalkboards!

Movie Theater Biography | Superhero Biography for Bulletin Boards

superhero bulletin board ideas

Turn your classroom into a theater where every student is a star! Download a free Star Bio template for a Movie Themed Unit, complete with a Superhero BIO option for a Superhero Theater Day. Let the creativity shine as your students become the stars of their own biographies!

Bulletin Board – Kindness – Free

bulletin board ideas

Spread kindness like confetti with a bulletin board that captures and celebrates acts of kindness in your class. Discover the letters and setup used to create an inspiring board that reads, “Our Class loves to Throw KINDNESS Around Like Confetti.” Watch as your students’ kind deeds transform your classroom into a positive and uplifting space!
I hope you love these bulletin board resources as much as I do! For more bulletin board fun, check out this friendship resource!

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